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PUBLIC MEETING: Aragon Ballroom

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Aragon Ballroom

3179 West 25th Street

Thursday, January 22nd at 6:00 pm

At Lincoln West High School 3202 West 30th Street

Park and enter from the NORTH parking lot

The owner of Aragon Ballroom (Ali Faraj) would like to renovate the historic building as an event/conference center. The use will be allowed if it doesn’t negatively impact the neighborhood.


I would suggest anyone living near the West 25th corridor, whether it is close to the Aragon Ballroom or not, should attend this IMPORTANT meeting. Since this will be the FIRST MAJOR renovation along a street where MANY upgrades and changes are planned, we need to do this right and the COMMUNITY should be included.

Among other things to be considered is a PARKING variance. Rumor has it that already an agreement with Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the owners has already been struck. My question why isn’t the vacant lot on West 25th Street very close to the venue considered for parking? When the corridor booms a well placed parking lot should be in the mix, correct? The area surrounding the ARAGON is VERY residential and how will on street parking be handled?

If the seminars and business activities do not meet expectations, what type of “entertainment” will the venue book? What type of liquor permits will be requested? A lot of questions need to be asked and answered. Solutions need to be found for the community’s concerns.

An historic preservation of a building is only ONE of things to be considered here and should not be used as a smoke screen for the very real impact on the surrounding community.

Please consider taking the time out of your very busy lives to attend.


Written by Gloria Ferris

January 21st, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Connections: John Rivera-Resto and Steve McQuillin

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When checking out John Rivera-Resto’s website today, I found this reference to friend, Steve McQuillin’s skylight in his office at Dover Farm.  When attending one of Steve’s many celebrations of the seasons, I admired this skylight.  I never knew the connection to talented artist John Rivera-Resto until today.


It’s a such small world, especially, in Cleveland.


Steve McQuillin’s latest project : Vermilion Institute in Hayesville.


John Rivera-Resto’s project with a Ward 14 connection.’s_up_to_us/It’s%20up%20to%20us.html

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 12th, 2012 at 1:29 pm