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Could Water Soon Be Liquid Gold?

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I just received my latest issue on line and the article Business and Water leaped out at me.  Not two hours ago, a neighbor came over to visit and we had a long conversation about land and its relationship with water and how we are sitting on the banks of probably one of the most important natural resources in our future–Lake Erie.  She worries that others will be the decision-makers on the use of our land, our water, our wealth.  So do I.  The importance of citizen engagement in the public process to create balance and integrity may never be so critical as it is now.  As citizens and voters, we need to be aware of issues that we would probably rather avoid–taking a stand or leading the way are often lonely places to be.  If we do not take part and become engaged in the process who will stand in the place of the seventh generation?  And if we do not take a stand today, will there be a seventh generation? 

Written by Gloria Ferris

August 26th, 2008 at 4:07 pm