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There are a number of ways we become members of a community, and one of them is joining organizations and participating in events, or just hanging out and talking, either actually & physically, or even virtually, on line. Some community-building opportunities we have available here in Ward 15, or near it, are–

  • The Ward 15 Democratic Club–Michelle Baran–(216) 351-4920
  • The Ward 15 Republican Club–Janet Tillie–(216) 459-2069
  • Stakeholders, LLP–Gloria Ferris–(216)-351-0254
  • Brooklyn YMCA, 3881 Pearl Road, (216) 749-2355
  • Southwest Citizens Area Council, monthly meetings at the Brooklyn Family YMCA, 3881 Pearl Road (lower level), every first Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM
  • Old Brooklyn Development Corporation (OBDC), monthly meetings open to the public, every second Monday of the month from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, 3344 Broadview, upstairs–(216) 451-1000
  • Friends of Big Creek–Mary Ellen Stasek, P.O. Box 609272, Cleveland, Ohio 44109
  • West Creek Preservation Committee–(216) 749-3720, Laura McShane is our local representation
  • Brooklyn Centre Community Association (BCCA, formerly ADCC)
  • Archwood UCC, 2800 Archwood Avenue–The Reverend  David P. Bahr–(216) 351-1060
  • Brooklyn Memorial Methodist Church, 2607 Archwood Avenue–Rev. Jennifer Brown Steinfurth–(216) 459-1450
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
  • Saint Barbara’s–The Reverend Michael S. Dyrcz–(216) 741-2067
  • Brooklyn Centre Historical Society
  • Art House, 3119 Denison Avenue–Sheryl Hoffman–(216) 398-8556
  • Second District Police Liaison–Fran Tarnowski
  • Second District Community Relations meetings, monthly, every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Applewood Center, 3518 West 25th Street
  • Saint Rocco’s Catholic Church, 3205 Fulton Road, (216) 961-8331
  • Brooklyn Heights UCC, 2005 West  Schaaf, (216) 741-2280
  • Brooklyn Kiwanis
  • Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • Crime Watch–Barb Spaan, coordinator, (216) 635-1601
  • Meet the Bloggers–Gloria Ferris–(216)-351-0254
  • Save Our Land, a participatory community blog
  • Cleveland’s Life, a blog by Rob Grodeck
  • Old Brooklyn Neighborhood Services, Inc., 4898 Pearl Road, (216) 635-1601
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, (216) 241-7387
  • The Cleveland Restoration Society, Kathleen Crowther, (216) 426-1000
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1-800-944-6847
  • Common Grounds Coffee House, in the Brooklyn Heights UCC, 2005 West Schaaf Road, 216-741-2280, Saturday evenings only, 6:30-10:00 PM
  • Dee’s Old Brooklyn Diner, 4326 Pearl Road, (216) 398-1633
  • Pearl Road Tavern and Eatery, 4370 Pearl Road, (216) 398-7664
  • Theo’s Old Brooklyn Grille, 4250 Pearl Road, (216) 739-0661
  • Sal’s Menu Restaurant, 3850 Pearl Road, (216) 398-1446
  • Brown’s Grill & Bowling, 3857 Pearl Road, (216) 741-9726
  • The Ugly Broad Tavern, 3908 Denison Avenue, (216) 351-9826–now has coffee
  • Pinky’s
  • The Ivy Inn
  • Frenchie’s Escape Lounge, 3829 Denison Avenue, (216) 459-0390
  • Civilization: A Cafe In The European Tradition, 2366 West 11th Street, Cleveland, OH  44113, (216) 621-3838

Written by Gloria Ferris

January 21st, 2006 at 10:34 pm

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