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Network Solutions solves its cash flow problems on clients’ backs

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We hold eight domains through Network Solutions. We renew each of them annually for $37.99 apiece. When we renew, we do so on a voluntary basis, paying right before the renewal date. None of the accounts was on auto-renew. Until just now.

This morning, we received and email notice thanking us for our payment on one of the domains with a 9/23/2012 renewal date. We thought this irregular. Going online, we were amazed to find that each of our domains has been switched to auto-renew. Online, somebody from Network Solutions offered to chat, until they found I needed service. Then, they referred my to the land of perpetual hold.

When I finally reached the support person, I thought I was B’rer Rabbit, trying to engage the Tar Baby. Our conversation was oblique at best. I did extract from her the fact that I was talking to her in the Philippines. I kept repeating what I wanted; she kept repeating her canned lines. All I wanted was to know how the accounts had shifted to auto-renew and to have the money sent back to the account whence it came.

I was due a call from the Network Solutions supervisor within 1-2 hours, not later than 12:30 PM this afternoon. It is about three hours past that, so I am putting this out for public consumption.

Has anybody else had similar problems?

If so, were they ever resolved? How?

Are these unauthorized changes to the clients’ accounts fraud, or theft?

What mechanisms do we in the USA have in place to enforce honest business dealings from this sort of vendor?

Written by Gloria Ferris

August 23rd, 2012 at 2:24 pm

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59 Responses to 'Network Solutions solves its cash flow problems on clients’ backs'

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  1. Gloria,

    I had the same problem this morning. However, I got on the phone immediately with them. They would not explain how a bunch of domains got set to auto renew but I informed them I had the email from a week earlier showing these were not set to autorenew. They refunded my money but wanted to charge $10 fee. Unfortunately I had to threaten to sue them which got me a full refund.
    They are intentionally setting this and I suggest everyone that notices it report them to the better business bureau. This will end up being a class action law suit if this is allowed to continue.


    5 Sep 12 at 9:07 AM

  2. They got me too!
    I have a firm policy that nothing ever gets auto-renewed. They switched my account to auto renew without my permission. I consider this to be theft. I will report to BBB and see what else I can do. Also, this is not the only company that has done this to me this year. I think this is the new trend is business.


    6 Sep 12 at 12:04 PM

  3. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Network Solutions has agreed to refund my money but it took two phone calls and I got a good response when I posted my complain on twitter.
    Still haven’t seen the confirmation of the refund on my card at this time.


    10 Sep 12 at 1:29 PM

  4. Same problem. They sent an opt-out email for their stupid auto renew protection a month before the normal 90 day auto-renew date. I replied to the opt-out but they still switched to auto without permission. Luckily I was pro-active after the initial screwball opt-out message and deleted all my payment info. Now they just send emails saying they can’t charge me for the auto renew until I give them the payment info or I have to call to turn it off.

    So the solution is to immediately delete all CC or payment info after the initial authorized payment.


    27 Sep 12 at 6:32 AM

  5. Mid-October 2012, and Network Solutions still has not fixed turning auto-renew on for domains. I called them on Oct 1st and had it turned of globally for all of my accounts and domains (and confirmed that everything was set to OFF). Well, I checked today (2-weeks later), and 2 of my domains have magically turned back on auto-renew. Very shady business practice, and frustrating to say the least. NEVER, ever store your credit card with these guys if want renewal control.


    16 Oct 12 at 3:55 PM

  6. It is extremely disturbing that Network Solutions would implement an “opt-out” account change of this nature. As far as I know, I only received one email communication from Network Solutions indicating this change. It was included at the bottom of a more generic email with a subject of:
    “Congratulations! Your Network Solutions Gold VIP program has been enhanced.” Any half-brained marketing and/or communications professional would realize the low probability of anyone actually noticing this change…so it’s obvious this shady tactic was used intentionally.

    Prior to finding “unauthorized” renewal charges on our credit card, I had not read the aforementioned email because it appeared to be standard marketing drivel.

    Fortunately, I caught this problem before too many of our domains had been auto renewed. I called Network Solutions support…they turned off auto-renew for all of our domains (note that it is not possible to do this via their web console…you have to call) and offered to refund any renewals I felt necessary. So, at least support dealt with things properly.

    That said, I should have never had to call or opt out or otherwise waste my time on this matter. Network Solutions should have respected the decision I made upon initial registration, which was to OPT OUT of auto-renew.

    So, I am in the hunt for a new registrar. I would encourage everyone else to do the same.


    17 Oct 12 at 11:59 AM

  7. I also had several domains that were specifically set to not auto renew – and then this morning, an email arrives, telling me that my CC was charged.

    Logging into network solutions, I now see they have turned on auto renew.

    I never agreed to those charges, did not request or initiate the credit card transaction.

    Not pleased. At all. This is outright fraud and theft in my opinion.

    I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General for my State.

    IT Guy

    31 Oct 12 at 6:22 AM

  8. Same problem: Is there an attorney out there who might like a very good mass tort to pursue?

    Joseph Warren

    3 Nov 12 at 3:18 PM

  9. I cancelled my email address and domain name with Network Solutions in August. This a.m., I received my auto renewal invoice from them (for an account and services that are no longer active). I have instructed my credit card company to dispute the fee.

    I have literaly spent the last 3 hours trying to contact Network Solution to discuss this matter.

    After multiple and unsuccessful attempts to reach Network Solutions via email, I spent 25 minutes on hold to speak to a customer service representative. When I finally spoke with one, she indicated she could not assist me but she would transfer me to an agent who could take care of the billing issue. The called was transferred to an on-hole que where I was informated that the estimated wait time was 18 minutes, which after being on hold for 25 minutes is totally unacceptable.

    Furthermore, their auto renewal renewed my email address and my domain name (for an account that has been cancelled) for a two year period!

    I can understand a billing error. I can understand an auto renewal system. I can’t understand why I am unable to reach Network Solutions customer service via telephone or email to discuss these charges.

    If this isn’t resolved, the Better Busines Bureau will be my next correspondence, along with a copy to the Consumer Affairs Division of the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s office.

    Steve Markuson

    6 Dec 12 at 1:01 PM

  10. Me too! I had heard about auto renewal issues with Network Solutions and so I checked my account about 3 months ago and all my auto renewals were turned off. Sometime in the last 3 months Network Solutions converted my account to auto renewal without telling me. Luckily, my credit card had expired, so I received a notice of a renewal that did not go through. When I complained, I was referred to their User Agreement which says they can convert you to auto renewal at any time, and then they pick the length of the renewal! They say you can opt out of auto renewal by calling a certain number. I called that number and got someone who barely spoke English. She tried and tried to get rid of me without turning off the auto renewal. First, she asked me my first security question, which I got correct. That wasn’t good enough. So, she asked me my alternative security question, which I got correct too. Again she was not satisfied, so she went to my final alternate security question, and I got it correct as well. I suspect she was really upset at that point, and then told me I couldn’t have the auto renew turned off unless she called me back on the phone number I used to register the account! Luckily, I was at work, speaking on that phone. She called me back, but her tactics didn’t stop. She said before she could turn off my auto renew, she had to put me on hold, telling me not to hang up (implying that the auto renew wouldn’t be turned off if I did hang up). She put me on hold for 10 minutes, and when she came back on the line, she was surprised I was still there. So, she said she needed to put me on hold again. Ten minutes later (20 minutes total by then), she came back on and said she had to put me on hold a third time. I then confronted her and accused her of hoping I would hang up (which she denied). After the third 10 minutes (30 minutes total) of being on hold, she finally came back and said she took me off auto renewal. I suspect Network Solutions will simply put me back on auto renewal in a few months. I manage 30+ web accounts and I will now be trying to find a service provider that does not have auto renewal.

    Randy Fisher

    10 Dec 12 at 6:54 PM

  11. I have had the same problem ongoing for months now. Long story short…I had set up for no automatic billings…they switched it. I caught it and after many emails and calls had it switched back to no automatic renewals and I deleted my credit card. I just got two bills for renewals.

    This is against the law. Anyone else want to get together to file a complaint or any other suggestions on how to get the word out?

    Don LeClaire

    12 Dec 12 at 2:55 PM

  12. I’ve had this problem as well. Anybody with the issue located in California?


    17 Dec 12 at 10:14 AM

  13. I’have the same problem (45 dollars) that is why I decide to close my paypal acount and delete my credit card.
    The problem is that I had 23 dollar left in my paypal number.
    The second problem is that I live in France.
    Network Solution Fraud I’m fed up about all this fraud
    I have the same problem with ebay and a Foscam Camera.


    21 Dec 12 at 6:36 AM

  14. My small company from Spain also has the same problem with Network Solution.

    My company has been working with NetSol for 15 years.

    Certainly, this is a fraud of NetSol to its customers.

    Say goodbye to NetSol.

    Andy Garcia

    24 Dec 12 at 7:09 AM

  15. Yes, Network Solutions keeps doing this auto-renew fraud to us as well, with 10 domain names. It is such a pain to get it removed. Does anyone know of a domain registration company who doesn’t do this auto-renew fraud?

    Robert Ashton

    26 Dec 12 at 10:32 PM

  16. I know of a lawfirm ready to file a class action but it needs a customer located in California. Please leave a comment if you are located in California and I will do my best to arrange a communication. I am located in New York.


    28 Dec 12 at 4:54 PM

  17. ow, so glad I found this.
    I too have been done over, $90 taken out of my account on Christmas day! Merry Christmas NS you t&*ts.
    I live in the UK and keep being told to ring their support desk, that is not going to happen with the dreaded stories of being on hold above! Imagine how much that would cost from the UK!!!

    I’m on my 7th support email to them now and starting to get fed up – they even admitted that I cancelled the domain name the day I bought it! That was 3 years ago! Madness – I hope it gets resolved soon.

    I might take a trip to my bank today and see if they an do anything about it?


    3 Jan 13 at 6:11 AM

  18. Class action being investigated – tell them!


    3 Jan 13 at 8:16 AM

  19. ‘Timo’ Thanks for the link, I have submitted my info.
    I had success at the bank today, they agreed the money taken was fraud and have cancelled my card associated with NS and are going to get a refund for me in 24hrs.
    Hope everyone else gets their money back too!


    3 Jan 13 at 10:04 AM

  20. I got the same autorenewal notice this morning. I have four domains. Every one of them had autorenewal OFF. I got the autorenew notice for one of the domains, one that I did not want to renew because I don’t want it. Had I left it alone, I would have been charged for a domain that I don’t want.

    I also continue to get calls from network solutions. They never leave a voicemail. I have told them to stop calling. I don’t want any of their other services.

    Someone above suggested that I delete my billing info and I just did. Great idea.

    I will do a BBB report later today. I will make public comments on Twitter and Facebook and other places.

    But I am going to go a step further: I will start looking for an alternative to Network Solutions. This needs to be address by someone. I will look into the class action listed above.


    14 Jan 13 at 7:08 AM

  21. My experience is the same as others who have posted here. I actually opted out of their shady promotion which tacked auto renewal on to a bunch of other s*&t that I don’t want or need, yet they flipped me over to auto renewal anyway and charged me for a domain renewal I didn’t want. After spending 30 minutes on hold this morning, they said I would get a refund in a couple of days. After reading postings on other peoples experiences I am going to dispute the charge with the bank.


    22 Jan 13 at 3:05 PM

  22. Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’ve been hit three times so far. And what’s worse, you can only change it back by calling, you can no longer adjust the auto-renew settings online.


    24 Jan 13 at 10:03 AM

  23. Same issue as everybody else, auto renewed and now I’m paid up until April 2014 when I’m not even sure if I want to keep my domain or not.

    FYI, after they charged my credit card I went in to my acct and I was able to set the auto renew back to ‘off’ (under the ‘Renewal Center’ tab > ‘Edit Auto Renew’ button). Too little too late but at least it won’t happen again next year. Unless they switch it back on me at some point, which would not surprise me.


    1 Feb 13 at 8:13 AM

  24. Ding Ding…. Ok, now it’s my turn in the ring. The boxing match begins like this; roughly six months ago Network Solutions began sending me emails that it was time for me to renew my domain registration. I dismissed the emails, I have a reminder that reminds me a week before it expires and that’s what I go by. Again in January 2012, I was reminded that the domain name was just about to expire and I needed to take care of this right away. At this point I went to my account on Network Solutions site and I saw that my credit card information listed was for an expired credit card; I left it that way so they wouldn’t auto renew. They did that to me last year on two domains. It is now the end of January and I received an email from Network Solutions. Their email states that they were unable to renew my domain name because the credit card information on the account is either incomplete or the credit card has expired. Keep in mind my domain expires at the end of March! It is now the first week in February and I now have an email from my credit card company requesting immediate action on my part regarding a possible fraudulent charge. I went online to my credit card account and saw that Network Solutions put the charge through (on an expired card,) I told the credit agency to dimiss the charge, being I didn’t make the charge. Yesterday 2/12/13, I got another email from my charge card company showing me what my current balance is and when a payment was due. I was angry, there was originally a zero balance so I new it was Network Solutions that put the charge through. I called my credit card company to dispute the charges. They did a three party phone call with Network Solutions. Network Solutions said they would refund the money. I said that wasn’t good enough. I wanted them to tell the credit card company to remove the charge immediately. I was told if I made an issue like that Network Solutions would cancell my account immediately. I am currently waiting to see the refund, though I do have a confirmation number.

    This law firm is investigating these types of issues:



    13 Feb 13 at 7:26 AM

  25. I have had the same issues as others.
    While I did promptly receive a refund, it does appear that turning Auto-Renew off for selected domains is completely useless.

    The following is the message I received from Network Solutions:

    “Take note that although Auto Renew is already turned off for your domain, you also need to totally opt out from the Safe Renew program to prevent the system from turning Auto Renew on again, please refer to the instructions below:

    1. ) Log on to Account Manager.
    2. ) Then copy and paste this link to the browser

    So it’s officially company policy to ignore requests to turn “Auto Renew = OFF” for selected domains on their Renewal Center page.


    27 Feb 13 at 1:13 PM

  26. Great News! Network Solutions is at it again…. I have been advised that Network Solutions flagged all their non-auto-renew accounts as “Safe” Auto-Renew, which forced every customer into Auto Renew….. Accounts renew 60 days prior to expiration….

    While they didn’t have an active credit card on-file for me, they admitted to having looked back at my history and selecting one of my other credit cards….which is a clear PCI VIOLATION!!!!!!!!!

    Why is Network Solutions archiving our credit card information?

    Is Network Solutions is in trouble!!!!

    Roger D. Sago

    14 Mar 13 at 8:20 PM

  27. As a point of personal and business policy, I never opt for auto renew on any product. In mid February I received an email from Network solutions informing me that my products set to expire in JUNE would automatically renew, and the money would be taken from my checking account at any time over the NEXT 90 DAYS! Not only did Network solutions change my settings WITH OUT MY PERMISSION, they have the audacity to specify a 90 DAY time frame PRIOR TO EXPIRATION! I have been with this company for nearly 10 years, and have had auto renew mysteriously turned on several times. Each time it’s some excuse that it’s meant to help me. This time, they said it’s a new safe renew program. Makes no sense. If you had enabled auto renew prior to this new program, you were already “safe”. This is a sneaky underhanded way to quickly beef up cash flow by renewing products as much as 3 months early from people that aren’t ready to renew or have specifically elected not to have this done automatically. It is THEFT! I will be filing with the BBB and any other organization that might be helpful. This is on top of many service outages and poor customer service in general. THIS IS THEFT!

    David Network Solutions Rips Me Off

    14 Mar 13 at 10:19 PM

  28. (continued) Each time this has happened they assure me it wont again. This is no assurance, given they can retool or rebrand their auto renew program any time they need an infusion of quick cash, all without my permission. We should all file with the BBB.

    David Network Solutions Rips Me Off

    14 Mar 13 at 10:22 PM

  29. On March 18, 2013 I attempted to sign up for a domain name and web service at NS. During my order I opened a new window and went onto the NS website to check another name. When it showed that name would cost almost $5000.00 I closed that out and went back to my original order. When I wnet to finish my payment for the $14.95 fees I expected I was then charged with the $4826.97 for the combined purchase. I never had the opportunity to review fees before payment was completed. I IMMEDIATELY call the company. I told them this was a HUGE mistake. We need to rectify this. Customer service gave me a service request number. Nothing happened. I called again. Got another request #. Now the company says sorry, all sales final. Fraud?
    Theft? Definately deceptive! I am of course disputing this charge with my CC company. Awful, awful, awful.

    Kersten Brandow

    28 Mar 13 at 10:40 AM

  30. I just received an e-mail of 3/30/2013 confirming auto-renewal. This is much to my amazement as this has never been my policy.
    I spoke to representative who, when asked, told me that my authorization had occurred on Jan. 28,2013. I checked the history and saw an e-mail of Jan. 29, 2013.
    It has a click-button that says “Renew Services Today”.
    I can’t imagine that I would even bother to touch it as my services don’t require update/payment until May.
    The odd thing is, I repeatedly received renewal notices since that date including one dated 3/25/2013 12:15 PM.

    It is appears to be back-dating a transaction mixed with “left hand not knowing what right hand is doing”.

    The next thing will be another President of company claiming they’re not responsible in court. If it ever gets that far.

    Paul M

    2 Apr 13 at 11:08 AM

  31. I hosted my site with network solutions for 5 years and I had several billing problems similar to the other complaints on this board. At one point they overbilled me for $1200 and I had to spend two weeks arguing with them to get a credit to my account. After many problems, I cancelled my service with them last year and was told by a customer service rep I would not be charged again, however, I discovered that they continued to bill my paypal account for months after i took the site down. If you call them they will hide behind the ‘terms of service” . They are deliberately deceptive and fraudulent in the their billing practices. File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission at The FTC is the law enforcement body that goes after criminal companies like network solutions. It takes very little time to file a complaint and I hope everyone on this board will take the time to file a complaint.

    Todd F

    25 Apr 13 at 6:05 PM

  32. Network Solutions got me too. I got some wood head named James that over and over and over again told me it was a fine service to their customers and it was my fault because I did not respond to the “opt out” email. I checked today and I get some kind of Network Solutions crap every other day on average. If I went to the grocery store and placed my items on checkout and the clerk threw in a couple of “good customer service” items – at my expense – I would think they had 4 eyes and no brains. But somehow Network Sol thinks this is a good thing? I live in Texas. I know what this is!! We have lots of cattle here. Moving 100% to another registrar tonight!

    Rich Quinn

    31 May 13 at 5:43 PM

  33. Auto renew NETWORK SOLUTIONS: Off!

    I remember setting 2 accounts I did not want to AUTO RENEW: OFF. But this month I get my online bill and see… Woah! billed for those accounts. I didn’t get an email or warning.
    Now I have to call. Amamzing this company can get away with this.


    16 Jun 13 at 11:27 PM

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  35. Well it is still happening. Over and over. NS took $140 out of my account without my authorization and said it was a ‘service’ they offer to their Gold VIP members. I have been with NS for 12 years and never had auto-renew before. After I got my refund, which took 5 days, I called NS and tried to ask them what happened and what could be done to prevent it from happening again. No straight answer from the first ‘renewal sales’ guys. He did however direct me to the “Gold VIP” group and see what they could do. The Gold VIP services group was even a bigger waste of my time and the lady I spoke with’s attitude was ‘Oh well, let me know if you decide to renew with us.’. A customer for 12 years they couldn’t care less. Oh yeah, they stuck me for some ‘Private Registration’ garabage on a second domain I had as well that I didn’t authorized. Today I will be searching for a new host provider and I will go through all the pain and effort to move my website. Stay away from Network Solutions!

    Rusty Key

    12 Aug 13 at 3:33 PM

  36. OH my the stories I could share. Network Solutions has abused me and my clients repeatedly, grabbing any card number to charge. One client had registered a new domain for one year, and NetSol auto renewed for 10 YEARS! On their credit cardand just nine months after registering the domain! They have done this to me so often, I have just this month FINALLY, after 4 years of abuse, gotten all accounts and clients away from them. I have one horror story after another with NetSol. I was a “Gold VIP” member for 15 years or more! The company has even grabbed credit card numbers from one client in a different account to pay for another, using me as the singular thread of connection. I am constantly on the look out for a civil suit I can join. They have defrauded so many users. I suspected the same as the author of this blog. They had cash flow issues and “fixed” them on the backs of their customers.

    Greg Howell

    27 Aug 13 at 1:34 PM

  37. Oh they got me this morning, I signed up for a basic $15.00 package and charge me for other items not listed.
    i am going to take the money out of the bank so neither charge is made right now. After reading this blog, they are crooks.


    6 Sep 13 at 12:42 PM

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  39. My solution – use an AmEx card and dispute the charges if they appear. That doesn’t cover the time they make you waste, though. Then it’s on NS to figure it out, and AmEx won’t make you pay. I love AmEx for this. And yes, this has to be consumer fraud.


    7 Dec 13 at 12:21 PM

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  42. Today is 02/23/2014.
    Network Solutions scams did not stopped yet.
    Before December 12 last year I was getting my domain transfer to another registrar, then I started the process on line, they not only disregard my request many times but also start to hold my domain even at the redemption period against the ICANN rules, after many phone calls they are asking to charge $300.00 to release my domain.
    Here is the ICANN information about domains on redemption period:
    The following information is from ICANN :
    My domain name has just expired. Can my registrar require me to pay for a renewal before I can transfer to a new registrar?
    No. Your new registrar of choice can initiate a transfer request on an expired domain name once they receive the required authorization from you. Expiration or non renewal of a domain name is not a valid reason for denial of a transfer request.
    Note that if the registrar has already begun the deletion process on the domain name and its status shows it to be within a 30-day Redemption Grace Period, the name must be restored by your current registrar before it can be transferred.
    From ICANN
    Now I have the grace period expired, they are doing that to many other customers of course.
    They did the same thing to me before on other domain transfer out of their company.

    I think they need get another, class action lawsuit again.

    Odilon De Moura

    24 Feb 14 at 10:02 AM

  43. Thank You Gloria

    Odilon De Moura

    24 Feb 14 at 10:04 AM

  44. I have had the experience that I tried repeatedly to find out what Network Solutions was charging and tried to cancel auto renew set up without my permission and against what I had filled out on-line and was hung up on repeatedly 3 time after about an hour on hold each time. Then they said they canceled the auto renew and accounts. They also tried to sell me things to deal with problems of the email server. they have had new management in the last year plus and it seems the new management is not ethical. I have been with them for about 10 years and had not had these problems.


    25 Feb 14 at 9:26 PM

  45. I think what they have been doing is fraud and their should be a class action suit.


    25 Feb 14 at 9:28 PM

  46. Also when I asked the “support person” on line to tell me what they had charged me for the renewals I had not requested. He first refused to answer the questions 3 times and instead told me what the renewal dates were. After the 3rd time refusing to answer when asked what they had charged me. He simply cut off the call and I had to go back on hold for another hour to another. Operator. I opened this time with an explanation.


    25 Feb 14 at 9:36 PM

  47. Another kind of fraud that appears to be happening on the email site associated with network solutions accounts is storage space fraud. It works like this when you delete emails and then delete them from the trash, the system does not register them as deleted. They said my account was full and that because of that I was not receiving my business emails nor able to send any. I deleted about 1 thousand and the system said I deleted “2”. Then you get a notice saying that you need to buy more storage space. Only when you do the same things happens again. I had to call and wait another hour on hold and pointing out that I had just deleted a thousand emails and that the site said I had deleted just 1 email. The tech then said well you did not delete them from the trash. I said that I had done that about every 10th email deleted. He then pushed some buttons on his end to show the real number and I had 1/3 of the emails in the inbox, and used only a third of what the site said. It cleared instantly when her pushed a button and there was more space. the email counter though still said I has 3 xs that many saved. This is done to make more money on extra storage space , because they know that you are not going to count thousands of emails.


    25 Feb 14 at 9:53 PM

  48. Year after year we have had auto-renew turned off and have been careful not to leave a card on file. Despite attempts to preserve the privacy of our accounts, we noted during a recent renewal period, we were getting emails saying the renewal to the card on file failed. How did our account change to auto-renew? The card referenced they shouldn’t have had & the number was changed?

    When we were ready, we manually renewed the accounts under my personal debit card. Upon completing the order there was a item to allow my debit card to be entered on file. We opted out.

    Today, this same personal debit account, of which they should have no retained record, was charged for upcoming renewals. I cannot view this as anything but a privacy breach and credit/debit card fraud.

    The funds they tied up in my account are of absolute necessity and will not be restored for 3-5 business days. All they can do is make sure the settings have auto-renew turned off.

    In outrage I found this blog searching for other victims of NS theft and fraud.

    NS seems to have a blatant disregard for contract terms and unethical business practices with private information.

    Is unauthorized retention of account numbers a breach of privacy?

    Is unauthorized billing of credit/debit cards fraud?

    Target is being blasted in the media for an unintentional error of privacy breaches that occurred from giving a contractor access to their systems – to date, no one has suffered any direct damages.

    Network Solutions retention of unauthorized information and fraudulent billing practices is intentional. Given NS internal breaches of our private information, who else has gotten access to our information and accounts?

    Based on NS’s ethical track record, do you think NS would ever let you know?


    11 Mar 14 at 6:02 PM

  49. I had that happen a couple of years ago. Here is what happened yesterday July 10, 2014
    I tried to renew a hosting package and domain name through the on-line website. The total charged that showed on the transaction on line were $139.50. Then I received a confirmation for a second charge, by email, showing that I had also purchased a “private registration.” The private registration is automatically checked with other options shown. You have to uncheck it when placing an order. It does not show up on the renewal charges, but comes separately. This is a sleazy practice… and can easily be corrected by NOT checking a box. Also, if it were ordered, it should have shown up on the “Today’s Total invoice that was part of the screen document. When I called to have the additional service stopped, I was told that my request would have to go before a review panel who would need to determine if I would get a refund.

    Barbara Peyton

    10 Jul 14 at 10:16 AM

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