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Reminder: Brooklyn Centre Memorial Day Service

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I just sent this email out to many of our friends and neighbors in the Cleveland area.  Although I posted about the Memorial Day service here a few days ago.  I decided it couldn’t hurt to do it again

I hope you are having a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.  here in Brooklyn Centre we will be taking time to honor and reflect on why we celebrate this holiday.  Please join us.  For 33 years, we have been gathering at the Brooklyn Centre Burying Ground to honor the dead and buried Revolutionary War thru World War II veterans at the cemetery.  Led for many years,by neighbors and friend, Rick Nicholson, we will again have this service.

In addition, we will be using this memorial service to begin our year long celebration of Brooklyn Centre’s Bicentennial.  Through the coming months, we will be letting you know of events in and around Brooklyn Centre which will celebrate our long history in Cleveland.

But first, come join us to solemnly reflect and honor the sacrifice of so many so that we can be "the land of the free and the home of the brave:

Click here for details.

The ceremony begins at 11:00 am.  There will be music, the placing of flags on the graves and veterans, and time to visit with friends and neighbors.

Tim says I should mention that Rick Nicholson is a member of the Cleveland Grays, and even in the hottest weather, he dons his wool uniform and beaver hat.  Get there early if you want to see it because tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher.

Written by Gloria Ferris

May 27th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Living in the City: West Side Market and Bon Bon Cafe

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Early this morning, Christine and I took off on the 79 bus for a whirlwind shopping trip to the West Side Market.



The photo above was taken Mother’s Day weekend while we waited for Mo, Geri, and the girls to arrive.

Our first stop of the day was Urban Herbs where we picked up poppy and sesame seeds for a new salad dressing for a holiday picnic.  Second, we picked up produce from The Basketeria. I ordered it Friday on line. I just LOVE this benefit. Our third and final stop in the market was Michelle’s Bakery where we bought bread made with unbleached flour AND no preservatives. Yum!


Since we were so efficient, we had plenty of time to visit BonBon Cafe where the staff wanted to get a ramp for Christine’s wheelchair, but we decided to sit outside. Christine decided to get up and walk to see the desserts. Anyone who knows her knows she is a chocolate aficionado. The servers took over so that I could secure our packages and the wheelchair.  They were very gracious and very helpful. Before this visit was finished, she was planning on how she could get there on her own. I was very impressed too.  When I arrived home and mentioned French pressed coffee, Tim’s interest piqued.

As we sat sipping our coffees and eating pastries, the 79 North whizzed by telling us we had about 20 minutes before it would arrive to take us south.  While we were waiting, two young women from Montana asked us if we were waiting for the bus that would take them to the Zoo. We talked for awhile and found out that they were two sisters on a trip to celebrate the younger one’s college graduation.

They had spent Friday riding roller coasters at Cedar Point and today, they intended to enjoy the zoo and maybe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We told them to be sure to visit the Rain Forest and the African Elephant Crossing before they ventured back down town to see the guitars in front of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame.

All in all, it was a wonderful kick off to this first Holiday weekend of the summer.

2012 Brooklyn Centre Memorial Day Ceremony this coming Monday, May 28th, at 11:00 AM

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Brooklyn Centre Memorial Day Photo Only

Written by Gloria Ferris

May 25th, 2012 at 11:32 am

I Gotta Crow About

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A group of neighbors, community volunteers, our community development staff and friends who did an awesome job last Saturday.  Yes, while many of use were dodging raindrops or simply stayed inside out of the weather, this group of volunteers took on the daunting task of clearing years of neglect from an 1880’s farmhouse on Woodbridge Avenue. Here is an email I received telling all about the team’s efforts.

The yard cleanup last Saturday at the vacant house and adjacent lot at 3105 Woodbridge in our newly minted Jones Home Historic District turned out to be a resounding success.

A ton of thanks is due to so many people for their participation and without whom the event could not have taken place:

  • Bob Gardin whose vision of 3105 Woodbridge as a model/demonstration project for our Jones Home Historic District is one of the driving forces.
  • Brian and Johanna, and Megan’s incredible SCFBC staff including:
  • Adam Stalder who pitched in with me before anyone got there;
  • Greg Baron (who moved heaven and earth to save the property from demo),
  • Joe Narkin and Adam Gifford who made sure crews got there for us;
  • and the great Dave Reuse who carted off the mountain of yard debris in multiple trips.
  • The CCS team of 4 terrific guys under Bob Shore’s efficient supervision.  They tore into the decades’ growth of unruly trees and bushes that had long hidden that side of the house providing cover for vandals, thieves and squatters; the cutting tools they brought were a big help.
  • The bus load of eager kids from the Church of the Saviour youth group in Cleveland Heights under the leadership of Curt Campbell their dynamic youth director.  They came down from Cleveland Heights and poured their energy and enthusiasm into pulling, raking, bagging, dragging yard debris etc. into piles by the sidewalk for Dave to load up. 
  • How does one even begin to thank such a wonderfully focused group for such an encouraging bestowal of grace upon our neighborhood?…
  • Chris Vacario who volunteered to mow the adjacent vacant lot which was still wet from drizzle.  He set a fine example of community spirit!

Thanks to all of you for making the day such a success.  It is another step toward reclaiming the viability of this property which can contribute to the strength of our community.

Thanks to you, Alan Forman for this wonderful recap!

Written by Gloria Ferris

May 1st, 2012 at 2:18 pm