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2010 Ingenuity Fest-Art,Dance,Music and Technology…

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and much, much more swirling in my head.  Where should I begin?  First of all, there are three entrances to the event. One at the east end and two on the west end of the High Level Bridge. Taking the train and/or riding a bicycle are very viable modes of transportation.  If you think you need the freedom of a car, your best bet is to enter at the west end where the parking at Massimo’s and/or street parking is available.  Actually, bus, train or bicycle may give you more freedom.  Think about it.

We entered through Massimo’s walking down the stairs through the subway entrance.  The event this year is FREE, but believe me the $5.00 goodwill donation is a real bargain because there is so much to see, hear, and do once you enter the venue.  So, if possible be generous because as my friend, Adam said, “this festival is the best thing I’ve ever seen in Cleveland”.  When Adam said that, Tim and I knew we were in for a treat.   The space itself unleashed some incredible examples of creativity. There is no way I could do  justice to descriptions of them in this post. Instead, I will mention a few  that  were highlights of the evening for me.  Believe me, you will have your own favorites after you visit this incredible place. And, these are just a few of many, many things I saw.   People were so enthusiastic that complete strangers would walk by and tell you “New Orleans has the Mardi Gras, but we have the Ingenuity Fest”. There was a Mardi Gras feel to it or maybe more of a European feel-the streets of Paris, Amsterdam. Whatever it is, the energy and enthusiasm is certainly something that Cleveland can use. 

First, we met the Underground Ballerina, Lisa Lock, who is again performing an incredible dance that needs to be seen to be believed.  Be sure to step behind the curtain at Cat Walk and make the kinetic sculpture move for others.  Again, Melissa Daubert with her students have used shadows to create a unique experience for festival goers.  Be sure to stop and talk with artists along the way.  They just love to share their techniques and artistry. The waterfall is extremely beautiful at night because of the lighting used, but I am sure it would be a sight to see at any time of day. Along the length of the bridge, there are spots where sidewalk artists can create canvases to put up along the sides of the bridge.  There is a chance for budding artists to try their hand at Graffiti. The screen is hooked to a computer which enables the artist to design, erase, and save.  If we had planned to stay longer I would have tried my hand at aerosol art.

Gypsy Beans and Baking Company has a coffee/pastry stand set up for noshes as does BOGO Pizza.  There was other food available but we just had to stop and see Nikki on our way across the bridge. At the east end of the bridge, we listened to a talented band, called “Turntables on the Hudson”.  They had everybody dancing in the street.   We heard that today’s line up of bands are the headliners of the festival, but let me tell you that the bands we heard were pretty darn good. 

Sarah Morrison’s dance troupe wore their signature striped leggings while performing an intriguing dance using “Sarah’s Egg”.  I hope you get to see them today.  Also I hope “The Mirror Mime” is in attendance when you visit as well as the “Fashion Week” models who were decked out in duct tape. cotton batting, plastic, and various other recyclables.   There were dinosaurs,, banshees made from can lids, and all sorts of “things”.  Be sure to stop at Baker and Iris, Inc. and try your hand at building a bridge using pencils and other materials.   But enough about what I saw and experienced.  It’s time for you to have your own Ingenuity Festival!       

Teardown Mentality Permeates Cleveland Since “The Early Days”

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Cleveland Area History posted this article today and I commented.  Decided to also post the comment here since it speaks to a question, situation, or attitude  that residents in our park neighborhood  by the zoo contemplate and discuss quite often.

Here is my comment:

Unfortunately, in this town, building and housing codes are not enforced as a matter of course for  keeping the housing stock safe and healthy but too often as a big stick to whack at people.  I believe this situation is caused by a complaint driven system.  There are no systematic policies in place and too often absentee landlords or banks are allowed to skate until violations "expire".  We have seen this happen time and again while other neighbors almost seem to be subjected to a personal vendetta type of handling.  Building and housing has to be one of the more dysfunctional departments in our fair city. Also when the Landmarks Commission was put under the umbrella of planning instead of a stand alone commission, more and more it was used as a big stick rather than the advisory capacity that was envisioned for it. Hence, we have a city that does not pride itself in its rich historic heritage but rather one which almost has a "disposable mentality" which reinforces newer, shinier, functional, and cheaper are words of the day.

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 11th, 2010 at 11:52 am