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The Time is Near; It’s Almost Here

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Last Monday Monica Robins and her sidekick Patrick spent two hours at the electronic cottage with Tim and me. Earlier in the day, she had interviewed Dr. Dan Friedman at MetroHealth about the health crisis that I personally suffered. 

As you know, two hours will shrink to a  very condensed version of the events.  I do hope that the important place my family and friends hold in the story remains as well as the incredible caring of the MetroHealth Team-doctors, nurses, therapists, LPNS, and all other staff. If it doesn’t survive the cutting room floor, please know that Tim and I thank God for all of you each and every day.

While Monica was here, I mentioned that Kim Wendel had been to our house on October 30th to interview us prior to the November 3rd general election in 2008.  My recollection of that time is fuzzy to say the least.  I do remember that Tim kept asking me why I wasn’t blogging more. Now, we know that I was barely functioning for the two weeks before my heart attack.  What is it they always say about hindsight being 20-20?

I am glad to say that much has changed in the last year. I am getting more energy and feeling pretty good on almost every day.  I now have more GOOD days than bad days. Tim told Father Ralph today that I still spend too much tme in the past comparing myself to who I was and not to who I am in the present.  I did mention though that I am very good at telling others how they should live in the present and not grouse about what isn’t any more.

So, if the eyes stay open try to catch the 11 pm news. My aunt used to say “Please consider me a chip in your woodpile of memories”. Please know that I consider you all much more than chips!.   

Written by Gloria Ferris

November 23rd, 2009 at 5:19 pm