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The Beginning of the Long Road Back

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It was hard coming out of the darkness, through the fog, and into the light.  That sentence probably sounds melodramatic, and probably, a bit like pulp fiction, but it is accurate and the subject of another post.  I find that while I have been away, my Aunt Sally died.  I am sad.  Then, I learn Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I slept through Katie’s birthday.  She was here.  Mo, Geri, and the baby were by my side.  The baby flew with the help of  Dad or Grandpa above my bed at times.   Friends and family stood watch while I drifted.

Today, I am awake.  I can’t walk.  I can’t use my left arm.  The fingers of my left hand don’t cooperate with my brain at all. Two people use a machine to help me to the bathroom.   Tim feeds me.  The nurses help me dress.   But, I can talk, and do I talk.  Visitors begin to fill my room and I tell them… I don’t remember what I tell them, but I know that I am happy and thankful to be there, and I talk and talk.

Looking back on it being able to communicate is probably The most important thing right now—the thing that holds depression at bay.  A doctor steps into the room to assess me and tells me that I will probably have to learn to eat and write with my right hand.  This statement disturbs me more than you can imagine.   I am a “leftie” and am proud to be a leftie.  I tell anyone who will listen, and in reply, I get this question “Isn’t it a bit early to tell”?  And I think to myself.  “Yes”.

The second day I am in the stroke rehab my therapy begins.  Each day I have three hours of therapy—occupational, physical, and speech.   Each session works on parts of my brain that need to learn to coordinate and synchronize.  On Saturdays, I will have physical therapy because it is the most needed.  Sundays I get the day off as well as Christmas and New Year’s.  By Christmas, I will need that day off.  These Physical Therapy guys and gals know their stuff, and  they are the ones who will help me walk again.  I will start with them.

My physical therapist asks me “What is your goal?  What do you want to do when you leave here”?  I tell her, “I want to dance again”.  At this point in time, I am in a wheelchair.  I cannot take three steps alone.  My left arm is learning to stay out of my way, but at times, is very unsuccessful.  She stops, but never hesitates. She says” let’s see what we can do about that”.  

Next: My Occupational Therapist-The Listener

Written by Gloria Ferris

June 16th, 2009 at 8:56 am

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  1. Gloria, What a story!!!!! I just logged on last week and had no real idea what you and your family/friends have been experiencing since Nov, 2008.

    Tim mentioned it in an email some time ago—but I did not follow up and I’m a bit electric/web deficit. I will track this from now on…….

    I’m so glad you are on that road to recovery….medicine does and has some of the coolest ways of treating illnesses today……it is amazing and I’m sure that you are in the best facility around. Thank God for that.

    I will look forward to reading this posting and will be sending all of my love, wishes and prayers to you. God speed you through this time.

    Your Cousin, Patti


    16 Jun 09 at 12:44 PM

  2. Welcome back, Gloria. You’ve been missed.

    Modern Esquire

    16 Jun 09 at 5:54 PM

  3. Welcome back Gloria!


    jeff buster

    17 Jun 09 at 2:35 PM

  4. Gloria,
    NEO is happy to have you back at the pc, writing away, and telling your story. Keep on keepin on!

    Joel and fam

    Joel Libava

    17 Jun 09 at 8:55 PM

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