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The Value of Community Organizing is Unlimited

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I wrote what appears below as a comment over on RealNEO in response to a great post about the value of community organizing by Kevin Cronin.  When I previewed the comment before posting, I decided that I wanted to crosspost it here at my site because I believe that we need to make sure that at every turn our elected government officials know that they are public servants and that the public they serve is us.

I think the disparaging remarks about community organizing shows that these politicians are very out of touch with the reality of the world.  Community organizing and community engagement will be the future of government in our nation.  Those leaders that understand the immense value of the knowledge that people on the ground and in the neighborhoods bring to what is needed and how to provide it will be key in our government moving into the 21st century.  Although some would have you believe that people want hand outs and a free ride, the exact opposite is true.  The vast majority want the chance, sometimes the second chance, to make it on their own.  Unlike some who strive for wealth they instead know that health, education, and opportunity is what is important. 

Instead of looking down their noses at community organizing, they should understand that the dismissing of the community by those offhand remarks will probably in the end be their undoing.

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 4th, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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  1. I didn’t hear the speeches themselves, but do you suppose they were busting on the sleek, fat nonprofits? People confuse organizing the community with feeding off the community.

    I’m going to reserve judgment until I hear what was said myself. The overreactions to anything Republican over on RealNEO make me wonder where the meds went for a few of the more ardent Democrats like Norm, capital “D”, Capital “N”. The Democrats were looking all right until they got hysterical. Now, Norm is making the Republicans look normal by being extreme himself. They were looking pretty sorry until the Democrats began to emulate their sad behavior.


    4 Sep 08 at 9:56 PM

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