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Autumn Solar Energy Tour Includes Familiar Faces

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I just received an email from our friend Bill McDermott.  If you have attended one of the Midtown Brews events, you probably have had the pleasure of making Bill’s acquaintance.  A chemist by trade, he is extremely knowledgeable about alternative energy especially, solar and shares his research freely with the Brews crowd and at RealNeo where he has a blog.  He reads extensively and freely shares what he learns with the rest of us.  In essence, he is my newspaper clipper on all things green.

The email was to promote the upcoming Ohio Solar Energy Tour coming our way this October.  Here are the specifics for the Northeast Ohio Solar Energy Tour.  Notice that Bills’ house is one of the featured sites.  His wife and he are also hosting an all day Open house during the tour.  Note that the Kious Straw House is also on the tour.  Next year will probably feature the Shaker Lakes straw structure.

I noticed that there is a combined Wayne/Holmes Tour scheduled for that weekend.  Since those are my old stomping grounds, I must check out the particulars for that tour as well.  I grew up outside the quaint village of Shreve located in Wayne County but as close to the border as possible.  County Road 1 was the delineation between the two counties. 

Who says exciting things aren’t happening in NEO and Ohio? I beg to differ.

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 12th, 2008 at 12:36 pm

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  1. I know from our travels down in Wayne, Holmes, and Ashland counties that the Amish don’t have any electrical wires running to their properties. Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron is the place where I found out what they actually do for light, with the kerosene lanterns and lamps. (We need to get back there soon–I’m running out of that tar shampoo.)

    Are Amish cool with solar electric power, windmill electric power, or on-site hydroelectric power, or is all this in the same category for them as electrical power brought in on wires?


    12 Sep 08 at 12:55 PM

  2. Tim-

    The Amish have used alternative energy sources for as long as I can remember. They pump water with wind, they use horses for farming, the raise their food in gardens and then can and dry it for winter use.

    Many of the things that we now see as curiousities they do to maintain their economy.

    Gloria Ferris

    12 Sep 08 at 1:28 PM

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