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For the past two months, we have been promoting our Brooklyn Centre Garden Tour with a fabulous postcard that our friend and neighbor designed.

The front of the card is the chapel constructed in  1876 before the porte cochere was added.  This year Mr. Halley, the general superintendent will be portraying James Curtiss, the FIRST superintendent and sharing many stories about the history of the chapel.


the back of the card of course has the pertinent information with day, Garden_Tour_Postcard_2008_BACK date, and time.  We are very proud of this postcard and have been placing it strategically all over town.  Since I travel through downtown often, I said that I would place it in some of the hotels and at Positively Cleveland.  I gave some to the concierge at the Marriott and The Hyatt, and the desk clerk at the Hampton took some, too.  They all thanked me because they said weekend guests often were looking for different neighborhood things to do and this would fit in perfectly.

On my way back, I stopped at Positively Cleveland to drop some off.  The lady at the desk told me she didn’t think that she could accept them.  I assured her that  the Cleveland Convention and Visitors’ Bureau had displayed them for the past three years.  Could she please just make sure?  She said there was no one to ask at the time, but that she would see what she could do.  Confidently, I walked to the rapid.

Imagine my dejection, two days later when I received my bundle of postcards in the mail with a short note explaining that only members’ events could be displayed.  So I guess with name changes come other changes as well.  Later that day, I ran into a friend who had talked to the manager at a well-known Tremont restaurant who was glad to take our postcards because diners were always looking for something “different” to do on a Sunday.  He said that another friend who owns a small company that caters to executives took some as well because his travelers also want a “different” experience.  The names and identities will remain anonymous because I don’t know if they are “members”, but if they are maybe the other “members” might not be pleased that our little postcard was getting out and about in other ways.

My mood immediately elevated, but still there is just this nagging thought in the back of my head–a convention and visitors’ bureau that promotes “members only”.  What’s up with that?  How much taxpayer money do they get each year?  And, just who are they promoting and why?   And why wouldn’t they want to promote Cleveland Neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs as well?

There are. of course, some Cleveland neighborhood development corporations that are members because I saw their events’ postcards and I wondered why those postcards were there, but ours couldn’t be.   I thought long and hard before posting this because I didn’t want to sound like sour grapes, but I just don’t understand a city that continues to raise such barriers and arbitrary rules.  Promotion and tourism in Cleveland of all things ends with the bottom line.  Can someone please help me understand why this makes sense?   

Written by Gloria Ferris

June 12th, 2008 at 10:18 am

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