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Run Don’t Walk From ANY Seattle Direct Coffee Promotion

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Recently, Tim signed up to receive Office 2007 if he bought something from this online promotion.  He told me all he had to do was buy a $9.99 Cuisinart coffee grinder and he would get Office 2007 for free.  Hmmm sounded a little bit better than true, but we needed a new coffee grinder.  Our poor coffee grinder had tumbled off the shelf one too many times and, therefore,  it was held together with chewing gum and string.

Over Christmas our daughter’s boyfriend Travis said “your parents don’t drink and they don’t smoke but they sure do like some “crack” coffee.”  Tim has been called a coffee snob on more than one occasion.  We laughed and continued to drink our Peet’s Coffee that Tim received as a Christmas gift, but I wonder was it an observation or a premonition of what was in store for us?

Before the package arrived I saw a mysterious charge of $34.95 appear on one of our accounts.  I asked Tim if he knew anything about a charge from something called Seattle Direct.  He said, oh yeah, that’s the $9.99 coffee grinder. I walked away wondering how a $9.99 coffee grinder morphed into $34.00 but didn’t say anything.  A few days later, the long awaited coffee grinder accompanied by two packages of coffee arrived.  If those are one pound packages, I will eat my bucket hat.  

We laughed and said, oh well lesson learned.  Anyway, we have a new coffee grinder.  The thing didn’t like it at our house and was very uncooperative from the first time we used it.  The lid wouldn’t settle on the lip right and it didn’t want to grind coffee beans at all.  You  had to shake it and jostle the beans around inside so that you wouldn’t grind a few beans into dust leaving the rest of the beans whole.  We gritted our teeth and thought that eventually we would get the hang of the thing.

Three days later it died never seeing the arrival of two more pounds (!?!) of coffee.  Hawaiian Hazelnut Kona Blend is certainly something that my resident gourmand would buy.  Oh no, it isn’t.  Needless to say, I ran to the computer to see what the latest charges would be.  You got it, another $48.95 debited to our account.  These must be some kick ass coffee beans.

Tim immediately got on the phone to SEATTLE DIRECT-remember this name and run, don’t walk away-the very polite young man told Tim that he had signed up for two pounds a month.  Tim told him in no uncertain terms he hadn’t done anything of the kind and he wanted to be taken off the list and reimbursed for the cheap coffee grinder.  The young man very slowly and precisely informed Tim that the company was only honoring the contract he had made.

And then it began,  Tim started to rally the troops for the unfair business practices that had been foisted upon us.  He posted about it here.  When I went to the complaint board, a shiver went up my spine.  Many of these people said that they had never signed up for the coffee shipments and some of them were receiving shipments of two pounds every two or three days and each time their credit cards were charged.  Many of them said that the company was very unresponsive and that there was no way that any of them could drink that much coffee, but it arrived on schedule at least once a week.  Not one of them said the shipment was one a month.

Now, Tim and I are heavy coffee drinkers, and we always offer a cup to friends and neighbors, but there is no way that we will need more than four pounds of the stuff in a month.  For one thing, it is awful coffee.  It is dry, dusty, not a bit of oil anywhere in sight.  So here we are paying through the nose for coffee that we do not want, forced to drink it night and day to get rid of it, and waiting in horror for the next shipment to arrive on our doorstep. We are kind of in our own Nightmare on Denison Avenue. Or have we become victims of addiction in reverse?   Remember, boys and girls, stay away from Seattle Direct.       



Written by Gloria Ferris

January 22nd, 2008 at 10:36 pm

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  1. For our next act, I want to get a Capresso Coffee Team thermal thinger with the burr grinder hooked on the side and a spare thermal pot. No more budget blade grinders. No more Cuisinart grinders, period. And certainly, no more Seattle Direct.


    22 Jan 08 at 10:51 PM

  2. Gloria and Tim thanks for the heads up on this, I guess I will stick to drinking tea 🙂 Seriously this sounds like one huge scam. best of luck Loraine

    Loraine Ritchey

    23 Jan 08 at 9:40 AM

  3. Loraine, we have received the two charges back–$34.00 and $48.95, and we are hoping we are done with these people. We did throw out a perfectly good blade grinder in favor of the Cuisinart junk that burned itself out in three days, but I guess we were due for that new burr grinder anyway. Onward and upward.


    1 Feb 08 at 1:28 PM

  4. You should send this post to

    David Lay

    16 Feb 08 at 11:23 PM

  5. I just went to the bank and found I was overdrawn 143.90. I was supposed to have about 5 bucks in there. I looked into this and found that the special 5.00 offer w/ free shipping from Seattle Direct Coffee turned into a 25.00 charge. Add a 35.00 overdraft charge. That was 2 days ago. Then today they charged another 48.95. Add 35.00 for another overdraft.
    I called them and they said they didn’t do any thing wrong and that I had agreed to the terms. BS…. I basicly told them what I thought ……………………@@##**@@## @#*@@*##………………………..
    They decided to give me the 25.00 + 48.95 back but I’m stuck with the overdraft fees. I’m filing a fraud complaint through my bank. I’ll be sending my package back as soon as I get it….I have not even recieved it yet. I can’t immagine what it would have been like if I had gotten that stupid grinder………….It could be worse.


    26 Jun 08 at 3:25 PM

  6. Chris-

    Be glad you didn’t order the stupid grinder. It quit working within three days of receiving it.

    Aren’t they a rip-off?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Gloria Ferris

    26 Jun 08 at 5:06 PM

  7. Dear Gloria,

    I apologize for the trouble you have had with my company, Seattle Coffee
    Direct, and I believe I can help you to rectify this situation. Please call to speak to a customer service representative at 888-217-CAFE as soon as possible. Inform them that you would like to cancel your account. You may also return any unopened bags of coffee for a refund. If you plan to do so, let the customer service representative know so that he or she can make a note in your account. For further clarification, please see our details and terms at

    Jeff Berman
    Direct of Customer Service

    Jeff Berman

    6 Nov 08 at 2:15 PM

  8. Hey, sign me up for that suit! I, too, have had the same experience. I’m still waiting for my refund. I checked out the Better Business Bureau on them, and, of course, they have an unsatisfactory score. Wish I had checked that out before ordering….I would think Seattle would not be too thrilled to have their name on such a product.

    Pat Bertke

    27 Apr 09 at 12:58 PM

  9. Yes, Im going through the Seattle Coffee Direct hell myself right now. The five dollar sample never happened… I got charged for something I never even received so I can’t send it back to get my refund. I check my bank card last night and now 3 months later after cancelling I have a 79$ charge. SEATTLE DIRECT COFFEE IS A RIP OFF! (and their coffee isn’t that good)

    Ive tried calling the 888-217-CAFE number to no response OVER AND OVER. I think that is their bogus number. I

    I’ve filed with my bank as I did not authorize the charge to my card and I will let them take action from there and I have contacted the BBB to report them.

    In the process of changing my bankcard number and will make sure that everyone I know will see how much of a scam company they are.


    9 Nov 09 at 11:33 AM

  10. I too got sucked in, should have done my homework. I have e-mailed Jeff Berman I have yet to get a reply.

    I have called the 800# and got a dead tone, but the next day it worked. I chose the ‘customer service representative” route, put on music hold for about a minute, then dumped into a general voice mail box, no response.

    I have tried the 224.534.3000 # when the 800# didn’t go thru. This # is now has the Peel Inc voice answering service that states working hours. Called all day, they are never open. When they were open and I chose the “receptionist” option, this person is the busiest person ever, never picks up and get dumped into a general voice mail box, no response.

    Peel Inc owns all these shell companies at the Evanston, IL location.

    My cancelled membership was ‘reactivated’ under an affilate company Coffee Outlet and geting charges from them. (is in the “details and terms” Mr. Jeff Berman? I think not). Can’t get my $$$ back from them either.

    This is just a quick summary, I tried just as many times as others. I have read some are in 1 1/2 years and still fighting. (Where is the 100% satisfaction guarantee Mr. Jeff Berman?) If we didn’t meet the details and terms, why aren’t the customer service reps saying anything? I believe with the amount of complaints against the Peel Inc companies, pretty safe to assume the “details and terms” are not transparent and is the fault of the company. Clearly does not meet good business practices.

    People contact your local media station “help me out” person. The more bad press the better. Your local media station maybe able to get your $$$ back, check this article out:

    M. Moy

    17 Dec 09 at 11:08 AM

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