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Open Letter to Mr. Investor

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Dear Mr. Investor-

Your link to your blog has been deleted from my comments.

I thought I would take a few minutes to outline why.  You probably won’t come to my site again since you made no mention of the post you linked to on your blog, so I doubt if you will see the reasons for the deletion, but I think it is important to spell it out here for myself. 

I clicked on your link and visited your blog about investing from your personal viewpoint. In fact, I sent my husband an email saying that it was quite interesting. And then, I started to think.  When I think, I sometimes change my mind, you see, and that is what happened.

I read your post through and saw that you linked to dealcatcher and frugal Alabama mom and oh there were at least five others, but there was no mention of “The Zen of Coupon Clipping”.  Nothing, nada.  And then, I thought you probably googled “coupon clipping” found my post from 2006 and others and linked your blog to each and everyone of us hoping to drive more traffic to your blog.  Now, maybe you did that and maybe you didn’t, but I really don’t have any other explanation of how you found my blog and that post. 

I deleted your comment.  I don’t have a large readership and I really am not too interested in driving  traffic my way, but sometimes it feels good when you get a comment like this one in January on a post you wrote in November just because, but I will tell you what doesn’t feel good– being used here or anywhere.  And that is how I felt.  So bye-bye Mr. Investor.  Now, I must admit I get spam comments from audi and apple and on and on.  I just delete them, but a part of me wanted to amplify what you were saying.

Your theme of getting out of debt, living within your means, the one about 401K Debit Card!  Who are they kidding? was a great commentary.  Unfortunately,  it didn’t overcome the fact that I see blogs as being an inclusive, evergrowing network of people around the globe.  Yes, I caught that you live on the West Coast.  I think that the connections are what is important, and I just didn’t feel connected to you.  I felt that you saw my blog as one more opportunity to promote yourself.

You see, Mr. Investor, I see the world as a place where social responsibility needs to be nurtured so that it grows. I would have felt that connection if you had only mentioned how you found my post and that I might be interested in the post on your blog.  It would have taken you 10-15 extra words and this post would have been quite different.  I would have linked to your blog, told people to check it out because you had some sensible things to say.  You are quite young and you will probably learn the lesson of value added over the years, but not today and not from me.     



Written by Gloria Ferris

January 22nd, 2008 at 10:27 am

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