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Happy New Year!

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A few days ago I was browsing for a “Happy New Year” poem to post here.  I googled “Happy New Year Poetry” and could not find much of anything I felt appropriate.  It was all very bleak and fatalistic.  The underlying theme was “just another day in a round of desparate days”.  Click thru and check a few of them out for yourselves.

I decided I just couldn’t choose any one of those poems because there wasn’t any HOPE included.  If anything, New Year’s is a time for renewal, for new beginnings, for change in a good way.  Yes, maybe we don’t reach ALL of our goals or maybe things don’t happen quite the way we envision, but overall, if we do our best each day we are prepared and that is all we can expect.And then, it hit me.  I would write my own poem to share.  I did it. I doubted. I decided why not, and here it is:

Hope, Faith, Charity

All things considered

Perhaps, we should believe.

Peace on Earth, good Will To all

Yet again, should be our prayer.

Now Upon the dawn of the new Year

Each and everyone can

Wish upon a star.

You see above us far

Eternity waits, ever vigilant,

Ready to give, asking only- love one another. 




Written by Gloria Ferris

January 8th, 2008 at 10:12 am

Posted in Cleveland