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Put It On The Ballot Goes Dark After a Thirty Day Run

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As many of you may know by now through local media outlets, we did not make our goal and decided to handle it in the following manner.

Zack Reed and Ryan Demro personally thanked Auditor Frank Russo for making his
office available for us today. (see Jeff Buster’s posting at

We then stood on the steps of the County Administration building and publicly thanked Auditor Russo and thanked the citizens of Cuyahoga County who gave up hundreds of hours to stand outdoors in the heat of August on the pavement to collect signatures and the thousands of citizens who drove to the petitioning locations to sign a petition.

One of our patriots was there yesterday at the press conference, but in the confusion and heat of doing things quickly, we did not introduce Mr. Lynch although Zack recounted that Mr. Lynch, on his own time, went day after day to the libraries in Cuyahoga County and gathered signatures for this effort.

As Zack said, it was never about the Med Mart or the Convention Center, to us, it was about all of you who deserved the right to vote on tax issues.

Lakewood Councilman Ryan Demro seconded this sentiment and said that the spending of our tax dollars should be done transparently and openly with the public having a voice. He also said that the fact that we came close but did not make the goal in thirty days speaks for the need to change the law so that it is easier for a grass roots group like ours without access to $$$ to exercise our rights as citizens.

Since we did not have the number of signatures required to put this issue on the ballot, and we recognized that we should not squander the county’s resources counting and qualifying what will be an inadequate number due to need of many more beyond the 45,000 required, we made the decision to not submit the signatures.

This does not mean that the fight is finished. It does mean that it has changed course, and we will assess how and what we as citizens can do to make sure that we the public have the right to referendum that will give us the right to vote on tax issues and other issues as they may arise.

Again thanks, and this is not “goodbye,” but “until we meet again.” The party has just begun.

 I plan to continue the party over the next few weeks, and months, right here.  There are so many enlightening moments, funny moments, and just plain weird moments that I could be writing for a long time about one short thirty days that I believe changed the way we think and act here in Cuyahoga County.

Written by Gloria Ferris

August 26th, 2007 at 9:26 am

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