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No Tourism in Cleveland? Don’t Believe It!

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As usual lately, Tim and I spent our weekend gathering signatures for the effort.  We still have a few days left before we turn them into the County Auditor, so we could still use help.  See Tim’s post about that here. As you can see even though the post is titled tourism my focus remains “Voters should decide tax issues.”

Back to my topic, everywhere we went this weekend it was important to make sure that the people were from Cuyahoga Count.  Saint John Bosco’s Festival pulled them in from Summit County, Franklin County, Maryland and North Carolina.

The Feast was an exceptionally rich cross section of our state as well as Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, California. It turns out that a lot of people who have moved away target this weekend as the one to come home.

And then there was the Browns game, we arrived early so we caught all of the people walking back up the hill from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  None of those people were Cuyahoga County residents but they were from Taiwan, Montreal, Kentucky, Florida, Niagra Falls.  The couple from Niagra Falls went up to one of those kiosks that are on every corner and were looking intently at the map.  The man turned to me and asked “why there were no restaurants on this map?”  i said, Oh surely there must be some, maybe they don’t have them separated correctly.  Sure enough, there were none.  I noticed that the United Technology Center was a Landmark of interest as were the 3 TV Stations.  All three sound like just can’t wait to see landmarks to me.  Anyway, no restaurants.  Susan asked them where they were staying.  They said, the Marriott. Then told them that along St. Clair and West. 9th street there were quite a few restaurants.  Wouldn’t you think that those kiosks promote the local businesses?  Where is this Omni Media and what is the cost/benefit ratio?  If our local businesses aren’t being promoted on these kiosks. why not?

Oh, again I have gotten a bit of topic.  The Browns games had people from Pennsylvania, Indiana, a lot of folks from Columbus, Allen County, Van Wert, Wayne, Summit, Strak, Portage.  I would be willing to bet all 88 counties in Ohio were in attendance as well as many more states than I have mentioned.

Tourism was alive and well in Cleveland this weekend.   There were two vendors selling things for the fans.  We wondered why Willard Park wasn’t filled with vendors.  It sure would have made for a real party atmosphere. The people were there but the atmosphere wasn’t.

We did quite well even though the crowd was quite  overwhelming out of towners. Mainly, because people were aware of the issue and wanted to sign the petition.

Anyway, there are a lot of people who venture to Cleveland for specific events.  I wonder what is being done to capitalize on that fact.

Written by Gloria Ferris

August 20th, 2007 at 3:08 pm

Posted in Cleveland

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    that’s sad. who would put them on as a “hot spot” or “must see”?


    20 Aug 07 at 4:16 PM

  2. In 2006 14.05 Million people visited Cuyahoga County for business or leisure (according to DK Shifflet and Associates) and in 2005 (the last year we have numbers available) tourism generated $4.5 Billion in Direct Traveler Output/Expenditures (according to Roverlstad and Associates/Longwoods International). So you are correct, tourism is indeed alive and well in Cleveland, and it is great to hear about your experiences. The CVB markets Cleveland to out-of-towners, encouraging them to use to assist with their vacation planning, in addition to assisting family reunion planners, meeting planners, group travel planners and media/travel writers.

    Lorelei Sugano

    22 Aug 07 at 4:47 PM

  3. Apparently the Fairview Park Regional Library is also a tourist draw, as I encountered an Alaskan and a Floridian there earlier this evening. I talked to two Albertans at the Puritas rapid station yesterday.

    Jason Sonenshein

    22 Aug 07 at 10:30 PM

  4. Lorelei-

    I apoligize that your comment was not posted here timely. I read it in my email never noticing that I needed to approve it.
    Why I don’t know unless it was the links included. But that enhances the comment so again I am sorry for the delay, but thank you for the information.

    Throughtout the whole Put It On The Ballot Campaign, I met people visiting our city. It was a plus.

    Gloria Ferris

    28 Aug 07 at 9:19 AM

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