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And Sunday Brings New Challenges To Those Who Believe In Our Right To Vote

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Tim and I just arrived home from The Indians Game where we collected signatures before heading out to our stint at the fair.

As we walked down Bolivar, we looked up and there was a plane dragging a banner ad “DON’T SIGN THE PETITION! WE NEED MEDMART!” Truth in advertising would have been, “DON”T SIGN THE PETITION! PEOPLE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE!”

I wanted to say “DON’T SIGN THE PETITION! TIMMY AND JIMMY NEED $880 MIL TO DO WHAT THEY WILL!” but then I focused and got back on message. See how easy it is for them to get everyone off topic? Two people voted to raise our taxes. TWO! JUST TWO! I don’t believe that is right. I wonder who paid for that plane. It won’t be cited in any public record will it?

So, one of us said, “Somebody must be nervous to spend all that money on little old us”. And then, we proceeded on to the park between the Q and Jacobs Field where Zack said that Jeff and he collected signature after signature on Friday night. Well, no such luck for our side today. We weren’t there ten minutes when we were told that we would have to move along by a security guard. I asked where we could stand, and he said I will get my supervisor if you want. I said no don’t bother I will ask that Cleveland Policeman over there. The security guard very politely kept insisting that I should speak to head of security at Jacobs Field. Probably because the police officer said he didn’t know what was public or private.

By that time, someone else in our group had talked to the head security guy who told him that three feet from the street in was public and everything else on Ontario, East Ninth and Carnegie was private property and we were not allowed to stand anywhere inside it. Of course, the cop told us that the three foot stretch would be too dangerous for people so our best bet was to be on the other side of the street. These locations were simply feeders into the main area and were not efficient for gaining large amounts of signatures.

I came home just to let everyone know that we must be touching some nerves here when my neighbor came over to tell me she wished I could have seen Tom Beres’ “Between The Lines” this morning. She said that Dennis Eckart and Mary Someone who is a communications consultant were talking about our effort. She said that they had very good things to say about our organization and our effort so we need to fall back, regroup and get around these roadblocks they are setting in our way.

Does it make you wonder like it makes me wonder? Why are they so afraid of allowing people to vote? Why should giving people the right to vote be such a scary prospect? And could you remember that this sales tax increase is not earmarked for the Convention Center as they promised in the Public Hearing, it goes to the general fund. There I go again getting off topic. No, maybe that is the topic–if this is put to a vote, there will need to be a lot more specific information. I agree–putting a sales tax increase that would simply say “into the general fund” probably wouldn’t pass, but why are they so sure that if they specifically TOLD us what it was for it would not pass? I don’t care what their reasoning is for DENYING us the right to vote. We HAVE the right to vote, and I intend to do everything I possibly can to see that we get that right.

See you at the fair!

Written by Gloria Ferris

August 12th, 2007 at 1:08 pm

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  1. reprehensible!!!


    13 Aug 07 at 2:23 AM

  2. I can’t believe that all of that all of those streets are “private” property downtown. very interesting. Looks like you guys are staying extremely busy!!


    13 Aug 07 at 9:10 AM

  3. Thanks for that info, Gloria.

    The reason, I believe, that the opposition is so eager to have this fail badly is that a success would awaken other forces in town that have been long silenced by apathy.

    The worse thing for those in power is an active, aware public.

    It scares the shit out of them.

    You can tell by the highly biased coverage of the medical mart issue in the Pee Dee that they want this wrapped up quickly land quietly.

    We know it’s all about spending close to a billion dollars on a new convention center, which will be a drain and loser.

    Thanks again for your effort and all those with you.

    roldo bartimole

    13 Aug 07 at 11:06 AM

  4. honestly, do you want cleveland to remain stuck in neutral forever?! this med mart will be a boon to the city, and the economy of the city. if we are slow to act, we will miss our chance. while I agree with your point regarding the right to vote on this, I think your efforts are misplaced.


    15 Aug 07 at 9:59 PM

  5. It’s a damn shame, it really is, that we’ve come this close to losing our constitution. Good for you doing what you can Gloria! You may want to try E. 4th and Prospect, it gets pretty busy around lunchtime; I’ve seen others collecting signatures out there before. Be sure to look up and say hi while you’re there!


    16 Aug 07 at 1:35 PM

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