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WOW! The Ingenuity Crew Does “IT” Again!

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What a show!  The Drums drumming down Euclid Avenue led by Marcos Santos were incredible.  Who knew that those drummers would exorcise the “rain demon” that plagued last year’s festival.  A whirlwind flew down Euclid Avenue accompanied by its own drummers of pelting rain.  Canopies flew and people ran but it was gone as quickly as it descended.  Everyone ventured back out on to the street, quickly setting things right, and going on with the show.  What an incredible group of people-the vendors, the volunteers, the restauraters and their staffs and even festivalgoers pitched in to straighten out the street so that the show could go on.  Amazing!

 But that was only a small part of it,  the NASA Glenn Exhibits, the photos inserting my own face inside of the space suit of an astronaut standing on the moon,  Sarah Morrisson’s Dance Troupe, The Audio TuTus,  The Breuer Tower exhibit up at 12th Street, “The Fire Inside”  the extended hours of the delis, coffeeshops, and restaurants along Euclid, the smell of the fried veggies, the fat, juicy sausages, the incredible gyros, the $4.00 GLB brews, the people dancing and drumming up Euclid, the spectators joing in the celebration, and then, and then…

There were the incredible smiles on the faces of the children who attended yesterday’s festival.  To me, those smiles were the crown jewel of this festival. Family after family strolled past our Meet.The.Bloggers booth in the anteroom between the State and Palace Theatres. I engaged quite a few of them in conversation as they stopped to see what the spaceships on the table were all about and how did they work.  Many of them lost their curiosity when told they were microphones and not spaceships, but I didn’t lose mine.  Without hesitation, I would ask them what they had seen and what they like best.  One little girl said dancing down the street with the drummers.  A little boy who played chess with a man dressed like a robot.  It was someone dressed like a robot, wasn’t it? I’ll never tell.  The other young man who had decided that he wanted to go to the moon because he wouldn’t weigh anything at all.  There was a little girl fascinated with the audio tutus.  She wanted to know where she could buy a skirt just like it.

But maybe, the best thing about it was the thankful demeanor of the parents who could not believe their good luck.  Each one of them paid $5 to see everything, and every child 12 and under was free. By far, the best deal for family entertainment in Cleveland for the summer.  They all were amazed at how there was so much for everyone in the family.  The little ones were as engrossed as the older ones.  And there was plenty for them to do as well.  And the kids weren’t bored. 

I guess in a nutshell this festival appeals to the child in all of us.  There is so much to learn, to experience, and to dream about right here in the middle of a construction zone.  That it isn’t hard to believe in Cleveland!   A big “hats off” to the Ingenuity Festival!

My apologies for not providing links to each and every one of the incredible contributors to this festival, but I am very slow at that and I would be here until midnight, only a slight exaggeration, and I would miss one whole incredible day of this festival,  See you there!