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“Just In Time” For Thursday’s Cool Community Forum

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A friend of mine late last week sent this link to her brother’s website. This quote hit me right between the eyes.

Once the city’s fate was largely in its own hands. Today, we have allowed it to become leaderless and balkanized, divided into class-based enclaves that pretend to be cities themselves at the expense of the whole. As a result our communities are reduced to wards of an increasingly perverse national state, which drags them down while it empties their purses to finance its corruption and foreign adventures.

The material on this website is thought-provoking and worthwhile for anyone who struggles with the concept of public-private partnerships and how government should or should not be involved in economic development. The historic perspective on some of these issues is sobering to say the least.

This Thursday July 12th, will be the first Cool Community Forum sponsored by Meet.The.Bloggers, Brewed Fresh Daily, and Cool Cleveland. Personally, I am extremely excited about this forum because when George Nemeth of Brewed Fresh Daily asked me to team up with him and Meet.The.Bloggers, we talked a lot about broadening the dialogue on pertinent issues to the wider community. Now that we have partnered with Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland, this goal is about to become reality. It would be really great if you could join us for the forum. If not, please leave your questions and comments at Cool Cleveland, Brewed Fresh Daily, and Meet.The.Bloggers.

We will see that they are a part of the dialogue. The beauty of this interactive forum will be the continuation of conversations after the actual event. A podcast will be available so that those unable attend can participate at a later time. The topic will be the 1/4% sales tax increase.
There has been a discussion of community forums, mob rule, etc. Our intent is to bring back the concept of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. When elected officials talk disdainfully of the public’s need to know because the public are not intelligent enough to assimilate the information, I have a problem with that. It shows a government that is out of touch. It also shows a disdain for the democratic process.

There has also been a lot of discussion concerning a democracy vs. a republic. I am glad that our founding fathers realized that a republic was a better governmental entity than a democracy, but in no way does that mean that the public that the government serves should be left out of the dialogue. And, today, we are left out. Our government officials make decisions behind closed doors with contributors, businessmen and community employees. Sham public hearings are held to placate the critics and then the vote is taken. I refuse to call them leaders because a leader will do what is right for the whole not for the few, and right now, I need convincing that this sales tax increase will benefit the whole and not the few.
Please plan on attending the Cool Community Forum and add your voice to the dialogue. Registration is required, but free. Go here, to register. Plan to car pool or take public transportation. Parking is rather limited in the middle of the day. Parking at a rapid station and hopping on it is a great option.

And when you have some time, please do explore Mike’s site.

Written by Gloria Ferris

July 9th, 2007 at 11:33 am