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The World Is Watching…

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and so are we.  The City Planning Commission decision concerning the Breuer Tower is being watched worldwide by architects, preservationists, historians, and artists.  But will the most important segment of society “US” be watching and sitting in those chairs tomorrow when the City Planning Commission decides  whether the Breuer Tower lives or dies?  As sad as it may be to see that building die through demolition, sadder still will it be if the Cleveland Planning Commission allows itself to slip into obscurity.  Something that will be inevitable if they allow a demolition permit to slide through without the seven step process that Hunter Morrison so eloquently and succinctly outlined June 8. 

When a “partner” doesn’t feel you are worthy of consideration or consultation or for that matter does not think that the guidelines you have put in place are even worth addressing, is that “partner” truly a “partner”?  When that same “partner” doesn’t think it important to consult with their own planning commission, where do you stand in the order of what they find important?  How insulting to have someone come before you with “concepts” and the latest “buzz words” and expect you to hand what they want to them on a silver platter with no questions!

The waste of taxpayers’ money and of our asset “The Euclid Heritage Corridor”  is unexplainable to me.  What are the goals in this endeavor?  Is it to bail out a rich developer-the purchase of the building from The Jacobs conglomerate?  Is it to award contracts to friends and contributors?  Is it to have a building named after one’s self?  Is it to be used as a stepping stone to higher office?  Is it to cover the street with slick oil so that the next demolition permit will be oh so much  easier to obtain because the credibility and the integrity of the city planning commission  will already be compromised from this decision?

I don’t know if the reasons behind this request for demolition are this sleazy and self-serving, but when you listen to Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones’ reasoned and thoughtful pondering of his decision, it makes you wonder. I do know that  this is a tipping point for our community, and therefore, it is incumbent on as many of as possible to be in Room 514 in City Hall tomorrow at 9 a.m. to watch the execution order come down.

I have had phone calls and conversations with people–many who have said that the decision to demolish this building was made long before the first planning commission meeting. Don’t let them do this without witnesses. Be there with me the modern day Madame LaFarge watching and listening and recording.  Another call I had said that there is much consternation and nervousness on the amount of  publicity and questions that have arisen over this decision.  This person said that there is hope if we can just make them see that this decision is critical to the future of our community.  At the very least, a decision of this magnitude that involves the city and the county needs to have full disclosure, full investigation, and reasoned deliberation before a vote is taken.  Make sure that happens.  Be there!

Written by Gloria Ferris

June 14th, 2007 at 9:42 pm

Posted in Cleveland,politics

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    Breuer Update…

    I just caught word through the grapevine that the City of Cleveland Planning Commission has in fact decided to force Cuyahoga County to follow due process and provide significantly more information about their plans for the Marcel Breuer Ameritrust Tower.


    15 Jun 07 at 1:01 PM

  2. The Breuer building is one of our city’s assets, and should be lauded and preserved. However, the powers that be are on a value downslide – only money matters, not architectural treasures that we should recognize as such.
    Whenever I feel our city has hit the bottom, something else comes along that drags us down even more.
    Woe to us!

    Anda Cook

    15 Jun 07 at 7:44 PM

  3. Anda, I’m not sure that these things we call “the powers that be” are going to enjoy the leeway they’ve had in the past. It’s a new ball game.


    17 Jun 07 at 11:03 PM

  4. Hurray for involved citizens of the world.

    Gloria, there is always someone watching, whether they care enough to do or say something is another story. Watching should lead to one of three things. Action against a proposal, passive support for the proposal, or active support for the proposal. Sadly, most people sit in the middle category wether the mean to or not.

    Kirby Nielsen

    Kirby V. Nielsen

    19 Jun 07 at 9:13 AM

  5. Kirby, good to see you’re watching, too. I believe we’re in Worthington and Columbus the 27th and 28th. What do you have going on?


    20 Jun 07 at 10:28 AM

  6. Just an fyi, I’ve added the KPF/Madison models and rendering to my site’s section for the Breuer Tower. They’re also on view at the Ingenuity Festival in the 1305 Euclid gallery.


    21 Jul 07 at 10:33 AM

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