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Can We Afford Another Missing Tooth?

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I left this toothless grin comment on the Save Our Land BlogMike Gill’s Free Times article gives us a lot of food for thought.  Preservation and rehabilitation should always be considered when redevelopment in a neighborhood is an issue. Thanks to the Cleveland Restoration Society for reminding us that school buildings were community centers and a gathering place for both young and old.  How fitting if a school received a new life as a home for our older citizens so that they could remain a part of the community where they grew old creating so many memories in their lives.  Put yourself in their shoes. At seventy, will you want to be uprooted from your neighborhood looking for a new place to find new friends, create new memories, or would you rather stay in place and blossom?  

Written by Gloria Ferris

April 6th, 2007 at 7:20 pm

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