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HPV Vaccine introduced as necessary for Young Girls by the Age of Twelve

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After reading Pho’s well thought out post concerning mandating HPV Vaccine for Ohio girls.  I left the following  comment. 

My daughter’s friend had cervical cancer at the age of 19.  Cancer at any age is a frightening and life changing event. If we have the means to protect young women through a vaccine, we as a society should do all we can to protect those young women. Individual rights should of course be considered, but it is time for the American Public to face facts although we talk like Puritans, many of us do not act like Puritans.  Parents who think that there children are not sexually active at earlier and earlier ages are not being realistic.  Look around you at the trends in our society and tell me that we are not objectifying young women.  We expect more of our young people than many adults are capable of doing.  If we have a means to protect young women, we should by all means do it.

I had a good friend die of testicular cancer when I was eighteen; he was twenty.  In 1969, that form of cancer was 87% fatal.  Now, people survive that type of cancer and go on to win the Tour d’ France.  Do young women not deserve the same chances?

I say we move forward with legislation and amend it any way we need to make it acceptable to as many groups as possible because young women deserve to have this vaccine.   

I would stress that we need to work together to find common ground so that future generations of women have one more safeguard against the continuing march of cancer.  

Written by Gloria Ferris

February 17th, 2007 at 6:55 pm

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