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breaking news: Judge Peter Corrigan rules on residency for City of Cleveland workforce

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News just in from Cleveland Equanimous Philosopher (CEP) at the courthouse: Judge Peter Corrigan has just issued his opinion that the employees of the City of Cleveland need not live within the city limits. Watch Channel 3 news because CEP was interviewed by Tom Beres; CEP says he fumbled a bit on camera, but we are confident he was lawyerly, as is his wont.

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February 23rd, 2007 at 5:50 pm

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Winter in Cleveland-A Time to Try New and Different Things

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Although last Friday was bitter and cold,  Tim and I ventured out to experience something new and different. We attended our first RED an orchestra concert.  I have wanted to attend one of these concerts for quite some time, but Tim is resistant to classical music, opera, and musical theater, but I knew I had the hook I needed to get him there when I saw that Frank Zappa was featured.  We both left the concert determined to attend the next RED concert scheduled for April 14th and 15th, and I left with a new appreciation of what Frank Zappa tried to accomplish with his music.  Weird, I never thought I would appreciate someone’s music who I vowed never to listen to again after hearing the guys in the dorm across the way play Suzy Cream Cheese for the nth time thirty years ago.

Not only did we attend the concert, but we took advantage of the Cool Cleveland party beforehand.  It had been longer than I want to admit since we had attended one of these “larger than life” parties that Thomas and Company provides for our community.  There are always new things to see, taste, and think about at these happenings.  I know that I am showing my age when I call these parties happenings, but essentially that is what they are.  The ingredients for a happening were always food, drink, music, dancing, and conversation with a certain twist.  And, that is what “happened” on Friday night.

Frist, there was fabulous treats from Gypsy Beans and Baking Company.  The stuffed roasted peppers were sublime, and although I am not usually a fan of stuffed grape leaves, Nikki has managed to add her own signature and they were simply delicious.  If you haven’t made it over to Gypsy Beans at 65th and Detroit yet, you need to do it soon.  And how does she make a simple white cupcake into so much more.  Yum!

Then, there was the dancing.  Greg and Donna of Viva Dance put on quite a preformance showing the intricacies of the Tango to an appreciative audience.  I had the pleasure of standing beside Donna’s proud sister who told me that her sister has not been dancing for that long, but she had decided to learn and do something she has wanted to accomplish her whole life.  There was no way to know that she hadn’t already been dancing for years and years.  It certainly says something for Greg’s teaching ability and Donna’s talent.   Tonight, Fat Tuesday they are again showing off their talented moves.  Check out their website NEOTango for the details.  They truly make it look so easy that you want to sign up for lessons, put on your dancing shoes, and try it yourself.

But the real surprise came at the end of the evening when hors d’oeuvres showed up from Fire on Shaker Square. Another place that Tim and I have always said we wanted to try, but haven’t.  After tasting the cheeses, meats, and chocolates from this amazing restaurant, it won’t be long before we venture out on another cold and wintry night for a dinner at Fire. 

Thanks to all of my fellow Clevelanders that ventured out on a snowy, cold evening to make Friday the adventure it was.



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February 20th, 2007 at 2:06 pm

HPV Vaccine introduced as necessary for Young Girls by the Age of Twelve

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After reading Pho’s well thought out post concerning mandating HPV Vaccine for Ohio girls.  I left the following  comment. 

My daughter’s friend had cervical cancer at the age of 19.  Cancer at any age is a frightening and life changing event. If we have the means to protect young women through a vaccine, we as a society should do all we can to protect those young women. Individual rights should of course be considered, but it is time for the American Public to face facts although we talk like Puritans, many of us do not act like Puritans.  Parents who think that there children are not sexually active at earlier and earlier ages are not being realistic.  Look around you at the trends in our society and tell me that we are not objectifying young women.  We expect more of our young people than many adults are capable of doing.  If we have a means to protect young women, we should by all means do it.

I had a good friend die of testicular cancer when I was eighteen; he was twenty.  In 1969, that form of cancer was 87% fatal.  Now, people survive that type of cancer and go on to win the Tour d’ France.  Do young women not deserve the same chances?

I say we move forward with legislation and amend it any way we need to make it acceptable to as many groups as possible because young women deserve to have this vaccine.   

I would stress that we need to work together to find common ground so that future generations of women have one more safeguard against the continuing march of cancer.  

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February 17th, 2007 at 6:55 pm

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A Cup of Coffee, A Bowl of Oatmeal and Brewed Fresh Daily

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So now you know my daily routine.  Each morning I have the same routine except on Saturdays when the routine is much later.  Saturday morning is my day for looking out the window, thinking, reflecting, refreshing and renewing.  So I did that this morning and then decided it was time for my daily look at Brewed Fresh Daily.  As usual, George does not disappoint.  The first shared item caught my attention“Mayor Eric Brewer meets the bloggers” and I immediately clicked through to read that post on the recently refreshed RealNEO site. Check out the banner at the top of the page and be regalled with one of Norm Roulet’s many talents, his photographer’s eye.

We met with Mayor Brewer yesterday and as usual I was impressed with the man’s candor, vision, and passion for the city he loves.  When the podcast is up on the Meet.The.Bloggers site, be sure to listen and take note of the number of times that he mentions the words serve, empower, responsibility, and the phrase “raising the bar”.  In my mind, the words of a leader.  Sign up for the RSS feed and be notified when the podcast is up for listening.  And while you are there, check out the events listed on the left and come to one of the interviews and participate. All are welcome.   We are in for a truly exciting year.  Be there!

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February 17th, 2007 at 12:36 pm

Another Stellar Midtown Brews on Record

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Last Thursday, Hunter Morrison was the featured guest at Midtown Brews.  Meet.The.Bloggers has been recording these conversations since October.  Each one is unique, special, and insightful into what people are thinking and doing.  George Nemeth has posted ten minutes of the video that Mike Gesing recorded at the last Midtown Brews over on Brewed Fresh Daily.  Go there, and listen.  I was the one who wanted to ask one last question, but George told me I would have to wait until later because we had gone way over our scheduled time with Hunter.  Sadly, I felt we had just scratched the surface of the knowledge this man has gained during his years as an urban planner. 

Listen and watch the ten minutes of video before reading any further.  My question to Hunter was do you think Northeast Ohio leaders listen to you since you have gained new perspective since you have left Cleveland and now plan for Youngstown.  He said “absolutely not”  They don’t listen any more than they did when I was here.

I applaud Hunter for his candor with us.  He said that he was as guilty of the Greater Cleveland arrogance as anyone, but has realized since stepping back and gaining new perspective that it hinders growth for our region. We need to listen to this man who is still learning and growing and passionate about what we are doing here in our region.  George intends to have the audio up shortly.  Believe me it is worth the time to listen to this conversation with a man that not only has great ideas but is implementing those ideas with a great group of people in the Youngstown area.

By the way, everyone is welcome to these Midtown Brews sessions hosted by Webtego and I-Open the first Thursday of every month.  Meet the Bloggers attends each session to record and participate in the dialogue.  Bring your favorite six pack of brew, and check it out March 1. 

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February 4th, 2007 at 7:05 pm

Problem of the Day:Skype

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So three weeks ago, Tim bought a headset through SkypeMart.  He was told the item would ship within two to three days.  We have yet to receive the item.  We decided to cancel the order.  CAN’T DO IT!!!  The email we received confirming the order says “do not reply to this email”  Any questions or problems call 1-888-888-9562.  So What is the problem?  The phone number does not work.  You call it and you receive that very fast busy signal. 

So today I decided to track down another number for the Skype organization, and lo and behold, a communications company that has no numbers!  I found the list of executives but no phone numbers, no emails, no way to contact this organization.  You click on “help” and it tells you that you will be transferred to the proper area for your specific problem.  And then, the loop begins.

This whole experience had me thinking that maybe this whole thing was a global scam, and my goodness, they have our credit card information and we paid for one year of this service and now there is no service, and how many other people have been taken in by this global scam, but then,  I came back down to earth and figured that I am just not looking in the right place for the information I need to contact these people.  I am now a rational human being once again, but I am still no closer to contacting these people.  I looked up the Wikipedia entry and found that ebay bought the business in 2005.  So I went to that site still no luck with finding phone numbers or emails to any corporate member so that I could get my problem resolved.

Is there to be no customer service in the world?  Has the corporate culture of America of “it is all about sales, forget the customer” permeated the world? I am very sad today because my world just got bleaker.




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February 1st, 2007 at 10:51 am