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The City Mission, a Local Agency That Does a Lot of Good

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The City Mission is a local agency fueled by local participation.  This agency was born in Cleveland during the early 1900’s and has grown in capacity and scope, but to me, until a few weeks ago it was a relatively unknown quantity. George set up a tour and an interview at The City Mission; go here to listen to the interview.  We decided in hindsight that we should have recorded  the tour as well.  I am sure that it won’t be our last visit to a City Mission facility, so we will correct that the next time. 

Now here I am in the present thinking of this bible verse that I read this morning for the Third Sunday of Advent:

“The person who has two tunics is to share with those who have none.” Luke 3:11

And so, Tim and I will spend our afternoon culling our closets of the things that are more than we need so that we can deliver them to The City Misssion later.   They do not accept furniture and bulky items, but they do accept clothes for women, men, teenagers, children and infants as well as toiletries and baby necessities.

I felt that I should share my thoughts with you so that in this season of giving you would have the opportunity to add The City Mission to your list of charities.  Many of us make a resolution to support local businesses at Christmas, but we should probably add our support for local charities to that list.

Written by Gloria Ferris

December 17th, 2006 at 11:12 am

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