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Hopkins Airport has the opportunity to Market our Region to the World

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The question is, will it?

I received this email from my friend, Barbara Siss Oney early this morning.

Regional Businesses could deliver up to $6 million to Hopkins

A group of leading businesses across the region have come together to offer Hopkins a unique high-tech marketing solution for our community that has the potential to deliver up to $6 million annually to the airport.

To be considered, we had to submit a bid to the Ad-Sales Concession RFP. We know we cannot win that bid since, for example, we have not sold “advertising in airports for five years”. The airport has full controll over the decision process with no oversight from our public officials. At the same time, we have individuals in the decision-making process who only have knowledge of and experience with the “traditional” out of market ad-sales companies.

We are NOT asking that they forego contracting with one of the traditional ad-sales companies. Only hold out space for a community communication system that would help us promote everything NEO.

Hopkins is a city-owned facility. That means it belongs to the public, you and me. If you feel this has merit, we ask that you share your opinion with the airport, the city and your City Council Representative so the airport is able to make a well informed decision. Simply “Forward” this page and copy in the emails below.You should be able to add your comments to the top of the forwarded document.

Thank you.

Harvey Hopson, Concessions Manager:

Ricky D. Smith, Director of Port Control:

Mark Hogan, Chief of Business Management:

Robert Evans, Chief of Capital Programs:

Ricky Smith reports directly to Mayor Jackson:

Go here to find your City Council Representative:

It appears that we in Cleveland again have a unique opportunity to change the face of advertising in airports. Right now, the model used focuses on nationally and internationally entities for the bulk of the advertising with an attitude of what’s left over is what is offered to regional companies and what is used for marketing the region.The Digital Airport Initiative would offer an alternative to the typical way of advertising.

The Digial Airport Initiative has a vision of using the advertising opportunities at the Airport to promote or region as a destination for people and businesses. Given the vast number of travellers that pass through our airport, the possibilities are almost mind-boggling. The use of interactive advertising devices will promote our region as being on the cutting edge of the 21st century.

Timing is critical to promote this initiative of being worthy of consideration for the dollars now being appropriated. The Request For Proposal chosen will be in place for the next TEN YEARS! Yes, ladies and gentlemen the winner of the competition oversees advertising and the revenues from it for the next decade. As DAI suggests, why not carve out a place for a regional company that can market our region effectively to the thousands of people who walk through our airport every day? Right now, a international company from France holds the contract and for all intents and purposes seems to be the frontrunner for this time as well due to their stature and ability to negotiate good prices with the big hitters and the overreaching presence they have in our other national airports.

But, why not carve out a piece of the pie to a regional group of businesses who have a vested interest in promoting our region as a destination for living, working, and prospering? If you too agree that we face a time of great opportunity at the airport for marketing and advertising, contact the people suggested in the email Barbara sent. Tell them that we are ready for Cleveland to drive the train rather than hopping on and being taken for a ride for ten years.

We need to take action now so that we can take advantage of an ooportunity that won’t come again for another ten years. Do we really have ten years to “wait and see”.

The following quote comes directly from the DAI wiki.

DAI delivers to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport a powerful regional voice that it could not institute, manage or afford on its own. It is a voice that only the region can provide, one that no outside entity can deliver. In the final analysis, DAI will provide an important tool to our region for the area’s on-going economic growth and prosperity. This revenue-generating solution provides a win-win-win for the airport, the city and the region.

Go Here to learn more:

 So, Clevelanders, what do we want– “white bread” advertising at our airport, or do we want our airport to represent our rich ethnic heritage? The decision is ours no matter what the implication of more behind the scenes negotiating might suggest. If we each do our small part, the collective wisdom of those parts cannot be denied.

Written by Gloria Ferris

December 11th, 2006 at 3:03 pm

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