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Is Scott Wolstein the pot calling the kettle black?

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Today in the Plain Dealer I read an editorial by Joe Frolik that indicated that Scott Wolstein said that a new convention center for downtown Cleveland should be rethought because it isn’t a matter of “build it and they will come” like the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. I have paraphrased the quote but go here to read the entire column.

The following commentary is my own opinion and in no way reflects the opinion of the rest of my family concerning the movie Field of Dreams. About Scott Wolstein, I didn’t ask them because my daughters would probably say Scott who? and my husband would agree with me.  But Mr. Wolstein’s comment to Mr. Frolik made me reflect on a movie that I have no qualms in telling anyone I HATED!  Kevin Costner is not a favorite actor of mine and I usually avoid his movies, but my husband and daughters LOVE this movie.  So periodically I am subjected to it, just like I am often subjected to quotes by business leaders that seem to make little if any sense.

I say this about the “build it and they will come” comment concerning the building of a new convention center downtown because, although I agree with it on the surface concerning this push for a convention center, I found it incredibly ironic that Mr. Wolstein said it.  He is the man pushing for a multi-million soccer/retail complex in the Northfield/Macedonia area that would be massively subsidized by public dollars.  Redhorse at Psychobilly Democrat did a good job of disseminating the projected revenues derived from over 1 million visitors a year.  Read the post here.

But when I reflected on the movie vs. reality, there was one glaring difference– Ray Kinsella’s family faced bankruptcy and loss of their farm if his dream of a baseball field on the back forty didn’t come true. No such possibility  for either the convention center or the Northfield/Macedonia soccer/retail lifestyle center due to the heavily public-subsidized dollars that would be included in the ventures.  If only, reality was more like the movies.

Written by Gloria Ferris

December 10th, 2006 at 9:03 pm