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Where is truth in advertising when you need it?

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These Ohio “learn” and Earn ads are misleading to say the least.  Anyone, here in Northeast Ohio would believe that this Issue 3 is all about education and not about what it truly is.  Sadly, even our own newspaper, public officials, and bussinessmen have joined in this subterfuge of this issue being about education.

The truth is: it is about gambling, gambling, gambling. And remember, that if it is voted in to the constitution, it will be probably be there forever.

250 words spell out the scholarship portion that has more ifs than absolutes.  If appointed Board of Regents  establishs the criteria, it will move to the state legislature. If the state legislature votes it into law, the scholarship fund will begin.  If the gambling revenues meet expectations, the scholarship funds will begin for the  state’s children. If the brightest 5% of Ohio’s students want to stay in the state of ohio to go to school their tuition will be paid.  If those same students leave the state, they will probably receive FULL scholarships that include room and board, books, etc. If the revenues meet expectations, other students in Ohio will be able to tap their scholarship funds for tuition only.

Now for the 1950 other words in the constitution.  Licensing fees are a designated dollar amount.  Seven race tracks and their owners and two development families in Cleveland, The Jacobs and Ratner families will benefit.  Licensing fees are a designated dollar amount. No other taxes or fees may be levied on these slots parlors other than the ones specified.  The revenues exceed expectations and the racing industry that has been slowly dying is injected with Geritol for a few years.  The revenues exceed expectations and the Jacobs family and Ratner family development corporation receives more profit.  The revenues don’t exceed expectations, the race track owners just continue to have more losses that mount.  The Jacobs and Ratner Families offset the losses with the gains from the other development projects they have in the nation.

And now answer these questions for me:

Who pays for the increased safety forces needed to protect the patrons and the venues?  Is it the city of Cleveland whose safety forces are already stretched too thin?

Who controls the economic development dollars that our county gets?  Is it the three commissioners who think that this Issue is all about education?  Do you want our economic future decided by them?

Why did the NAACP and the ministers of our churches come out against this “education program”? 

Are any economic benefits outweighed by the social costs of gambling?

Why did the Ohio State Board of Trustees come out unanimously against the Issue when their institution would benefit from the “scholarship” program?

Why did the Columbus Chamber of Commerce come out against the measure?  And point of information, Beulah Park and Scioto Downs both are domiciled in the Columbus area so that whole idea of that they are upset because their region would not benefit while ours would is bunk.

Why does Louisiana now admit that the fascination with gambling in the Nineties has done more to hinder economic development in that state than to help?

Why is Detroit still struggling if gambling will solve all economic ills in an urban area?

What happens to our local merchants and small businesses that will close because of the competition of “get rich quick”  with your $50 of disposable income?

I will vote “NO” on Issue 3 not because I am morally against gambling I am not, but because there are too many unanswered questions. My mom and dad taught me years ago that when I asked questions and couldn’t get answers to walk away.  I am walking away from this one because I don’t see how this baby can fly and NO ONE has been able to explain to me how it will. 

Written by Gloria Ferris

October 16th, 2006 at 10:33 am

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