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And So, I Opined.

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Read this thread over on Brewed Fresh Daily.  My comment appears below.  I decided it was more of a post than a comment, so I am reprising it here.  I truly believe that we need to define ourselves by how we treat our children and our elderly.  And more and more of what I see tells me we are failing miserably. 

Your comment to John is really beneath you or I would hope it is beneath you.

“Well, John, we’ll just have to differ about who is qualified to opine–those who have figured out how to be successful, or those who sit on the sidelines and criticize those who have figured out how to be successful.”

I daresay that there are people who would debate the term “successful”. But when “successful” people talk about the disappearing middle class and is it true or untrue, they are really failing to see the forest for the trees. When we are debating on BFD whether you can feed a family of four on $60 a week, we are talking about the “true” issues that are facing people in our region. When Bill Callahan talks about the increasing bite that utlities takes from everyone’s budget we are talking about the “true” issues that face the middle class. When we talk about companies going bankrupt and pension benefit decreases for the retired in our community, we are talking about the “true” issues of whether the middle class is shrinking, disappearing, or is the term we want becoming invisible?

Discussing governmental and economic definitions in a vacuum, really does not speak to the issue at hand. It absolves people who debate in abstracts to absolve themselves of any kind of responsibility to the state of neighbors and others that are not achieving the American Dream.

I have always said that when we begin talking about “people” as numbers and statistics, we lose part of our humanity. I think this thread speaks to that.

By the way, I consider myself successful. Many others would not, but their definition doesn’t apply to me my definition applies to me. We get to caught up in other people’s definitions.

And all of us should be very concerned about the education of our children because having been a teacher I don’t see critical thinking skills being taught with much success. And when, government statistics become the way we decide whether things are “good”, we will ALL be in deep trouble.

Written by Gloria Ferris

October 5th, 2006 at 12:07 pm

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