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Too Big For Their Britches?

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So Sunday is the day that I open the mail and deal with it.  Today, I opened a letter from National City Bank and burst out laughing.  In October, 2005 I closed my account with National City, received a check for the balance in the account  and moved our checking account to another bank.  In November, I received a statement that showed I had a balance of $.06 in the account.  I called the online service told them that I closed the account, please take care of the small balance. In December, I received  another statement, I decided the phone call did not work, so I sent an email message to the bank reiterating that I had closed the account.  In January, I wrote a letter to the bank telling them the account was closed.  Since February, I have simply thrown the statements away until today when for some reason I decided to open it.  Was I surprised!  National City Bank says that I owe them $17.94 in account maintenance fees.  Apparently, since June NCB has charged us $6.00 on our $.06 balance in a closed checking account.

I can see why NCB wouldn’t want to send out a check to me for $.06, but why would they continue to tell me I had that amount in a checking account?  I have told them repeatedly that I closed the account.  Write off the $.06 for Pete’s sake!  But no, I continue to get computer generated statements for the last ten months, and for the last three months they are charging me $6.00 for account maintenance.  Remember, I have repeatedly told them they do not have to maintain the $.06.  I am well aware that no human mind with common sense has ever responded to my phone message, email, or letter that requested deleting the $.06 so that I could move on with my life.  Strange, that NCB never seemed that concerned about maintaining our relationship until I tried to cut the strings and move forward with my life.  Tuesday, I again will try to sever this  sick relationship and move on-something I have been trying to do since October, 2005.  This time, I will have to meet NCB face to face to get them to see that I will not pay them any money, and they should just delete the $.06 so we both can get on with our lives.  Six cents that came out of the sky to land in a closed checking account that only wanted to be left in peace.

And this is the bank that economic analysts think should merge with Keybank.  I wonder is that $18.00 sitting on a ledger somewhere as an accounts receivable due and payable to NCB forming a phantom asset?  How many others could there be?  Remember, this is the bank bilked by scam artists in a leasing arrangement who then insisted that the consumers owed the bank for the leases.  Strangely enough,  New York insisted that they settle with the consumers, but here in Ohio the lawsuit is still pending.  Shouldn’t our Attorney General demand the same outcome here for our consumers?  Or since National City Bank was formed here in this state in 1854, should they do the right thing and admit that they made a bad business decision and move on.  Appears to me, NCB has a hard time admitting that some relationships are better left alone.  Cut your losses, walk away, form new relationships.  But wait,  have they set their sights on KeyBank?  A word of caution to Key be a very reluctant suitor.     

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 3rd, 2006 at 11:43 am

Posted in Cleveland,Ohio

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  1. OMG, Gloria! I have the SAME THING happening with Citizens Bank in Connecticut!!! Oy.


    3 Sep 06 at 11:59 AM

  2. Small world when it comes to banking. Not surprised, Jill. But I wonder do they know who they are up against when it comes to you and me.

    Gloria Ferris

    3 Sep 06 at 12:03 PM

  3. Haha. Well – I confess, I’ve kept the confrontation low on my totem pole and the damn things keep coming in the mail. And, wouldn’t you know, it’s all my parents fault? I cannot write the story online, it’s too disrespectful! But I’ll tell you in person the next time we meet. 🙂


    3 Sep 06 at 1:55 PM

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