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Some Times the Most Incredible Things Happen in the Most Unlikely Places

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Saturday night Tim and I attended an Ice Cream Social at Bill and Mary Denihan’s party house on Lake Avenue.  Actually, the home is for sale and is listed with Lake Realty realtor, Ali McAdams.   Although the couple always throws a good party, this one had  special significance for Ohio this year because the funds raised will benefit Ted Strickland’s Turn Around Ohio campaign.

As Tim and I strolled through the spacious back yard sheltered by towering sycamore trees, we found that we had missed the guest of honor and his partner. Both had spoken a bit earlier and rushed off to the first of three more events on the schedule for that evening.  In a conversation  with Karen Perkowski and her niece Cait, we discovered that Dave, her husband, and Hyacinth Lofts, one of Dave’s projects, were being featured in a N.Y. Times article written by Lisa Chamberlain.  Here is a link to the article in its entirity. 

As I prepared on Sunday morning to sit down and write a post on what Karen had told me  Tim tells me George already has it posted on Brewed Fresh daily. I clicked there, and found this.  George had read it on Chris Butler’s blog, and since that blog has become one of my favorites, I immediately clicked thru to find out what Chris had to say.

But today,  the buzz on this article continues to build.  Here are a few more posts I have found that give a bit more background on this couple and the incredible things that they are doing here in Northeast Ohio and why their work is so significant to turning around Cleveland.

Tim’s post.

Susan Miller’s take on the article.

Norm Roulet’s comments and incredible photos on RealNEO.

We are lucky to have a man of vision like Dave Perkowski in our midst who not only sees what can be done, but DOES it one building at a time.  Thank you, Dave for truly believing in Cleveland. 



Written by Gloria Ferris

September 11th, 2006 at 10:11 am

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