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Another “Public” Meeting

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UPDATE!                                                         UPDATE!                                                             UPDATE!


Again, chances are the public will not be included in what should be a public process.  This meeting has been designated too technical and nuts and bolts for the public.  But I ask you where is our public meeting that we were promised a year ago?

Councilman Cummins and his assistant, Johanna Hamm are working feverishly to get a public meeting for us before the closing of the bridge.  By necessity, this will be another short notice. I will keep you posted.  Call the Mayor’s Action Line  664-2900. Call the County Engineer’s Office 348-3800. No need to call our councilman.  He’s already on it! 

Yesterday I received this notice from the BrooklynBrighton team on our community enotice. Tuesday night, Councilman Brian Cummins told us at our Democrat Ward Club meeting that this meeting would be taking place but that he wanted a public meeting to be held before the closing of the bridge, and he had already put in the request. He also said that the hope was that the bridge could stay open until after Boo at the Zoo I saw late last night that the bridge will be closing October 5.  So, I haven’t talked to the Councilman but obviously what he wants and what we want, an open, public dialogue with questions and answers, still isn’t in the cards on this project.

So, it looks like at this point in time  the ONLY meeting held will be this one. 

Fulton Road Bridge Pre-Construction Conference

Friday, September 29

10:00 a.m.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Windows on the World Meeting Room

Those in attendance will be City, County, State Representatives, County Engineer Representatives, Contracto, Pulbic Utilities Representatives 

Unfortunately, many people will not be able to attend because of the short fuse,  myself included, but we need as many voices there as possible to represent our park neighborhoods adjacent to this project. Again, another PUBLIC meeting held in the morning on a work day and the notice is so short that arrangements usually cannot be made to attend.  

if at all possible, please attend and ask the questions and get the answers we need regarding this HUGE project that will change our lives for the next three years, and beyond.

When oh when will these public officials understand that it is OUR money they are spending and they have an obligation to inform and include those footing the bill. I am glad that we have a councilman trying to give us transparency and accountability but what a time he will have getting it for us. Sometimes, I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am swirling out of control.  Like today,  I cannot get this silly song out of my head “and a very happy un birthday to you, to you”  Only the refrain has been changed to “and another very unpublic meeting, screw  to you, screw to you.  And should you want to sing along or compose your own parody of the song, click here, but if you do, please share. In times of adversity a sense of humor keeps us grounded.

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 28th, 2006 at 9:18 am