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Meet The Bloggers Meets Akron/Canton AMA

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Last evening I had the opportunity to be on of the four speakers at the Akron/Canton Chapter American Marketing Association September dinner meeting held at the Sheraton Suites.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, do so.  It sits right by the Cuyahoga at the falls.  The views from the hotel are magnificent.  There is just something about water that is so beautiful and soothing.  But, the opportunity that I can NEVER turn down is the opportunity to speak in front of an audience.  It is the one aspect of teaching that I really miss because I loved nothing better than to see people listening, interacting, and engaging in learning.  This group was a fantastic group of people willing to give a group of people that they barely knew the chance to talk about two of their passions, blogging and network weaving.

When Tim got up to begin the presentation, he asked how many of them had personal blogs-four and how many had busines blogs-five.  I thought to myself Oh no, fifty people in the room and less than one fifth have blogs.  Tough crowd!  Was I pleasantly surprised.  They asked questions, they listened with attention, some of them were on the edge of their chairs. I apologized for the use of my visual aid, but it is a carry over from my teaching years that I can’t shake.  (Actually, I don’t want to shake it  Visuals are always a help)  I had outdone myself color coded squares, gold stars, and confetti.  One or two were kind enough to tell me later that they loved the visual. George and Jason rounded out our presentation and those two again did their usual stellar work fielding questions from the audience like the pros they are.

If you are ever in the Akron area the third week of the month, check out the site above and stop in for a meeting.  These business people from the Akron and Canton area are a good group–welcoming of people and new ideas, truly an asset to Northeast Ohio and they give me hope for our economic future in our global economy.  

Thanks Akron Canton AMA.  We had a great time!

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 20th, 2006 at 3:35 pm