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Another “Public” Meeting

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UPDATE!                                                         UPDATE!                                                             UPDATE!


Again, chances are the public will not be included in what should be a public process.  This meeting has been designated too technical and nuts and bolts for the public.  But I ask you where is our public meeting that we were promised a year ago?

Councilman Cummins and his assistant, Johanna Hamm are working feverishly to get a public meeting for us before the closing of the bridge.  By necessity, this will be another short notice. I will keep you posted.  Call the Mayor’s Action Line  664-2900. Call the County Engineer’s Office 348-3800. No need to call our councilman.  He’s already on it! 

Yesterday I received this notice from the BrooklynBrighton team on our community enotice. Tuesday night, Councilman Brian Cummins told us at our Democrat Ward Club meeting that this meeting would be taking place but that he wanted a public meeting to be held before the closing of the bridge, and he had already put in the request. He also said that the hope was that the bridge could stay open until after Boo at the Zoo I saw late last night that the bridge will be closing October 5.  So, I haven’t talked to the Councilman but obviously what he wants and what we want, an open, public dialogue with questions and answers, still isn’t in the cards on this project.

So, it looks like at this point in time  the ONLY meeting held will be this one. 

Fulton Road Bridge Pre-Construction Conference

Friday, September 29

10:00 a.m.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Windows on the World Meeting Room

Those in attendance will be City, County, State Representatives, County Engineer Representatives, Contracto, Pulbic Utilities Representatives 

Unfortunately, many people will not be able to attend because of the short fuse,  myself included, but we need as many voices there as possible to represent our park neighborhoods adjacent to this project. Again, another PUBLIC meeting held in the morning on a work day and the notice is so short that arrangements usually cannot be made to attend.  

if at all possible, please attend and ask the questions and get the answers we need regarding this HUGE project that will change our lives for the next three years, and beyond.

When oh when will these public officials understand that it is OUR money they are spending and they have an obligation to inform and include those footing the bill. I am glad that we have a councilman trying to give us transparency and accountability but what a time he will have getting it for us. Sometimes, I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am swirling out of control.  Like today,  I cannot get this silly song out of my head “and a very happy un birthday to you, to you”  Only the refrain has been changed to “and another very unpublic meeting, screw  to you, screw to you.  And should you want to sing along or compose your own parody of the song, click here, but if you do, please share. In times of adversity a sense of humor keeps us grounded.

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 28th, 2006 at 9:18 am

You Want Drugs, We Gotcher Drugs, Right heah!

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I posted the following comment over on Brewed Fresh Daily in response to Jonathon’s post hailing Wal Mart’s decision to slash prices on 300 generic drugs. 

I am bit surprised that you do not see the Writing on the Wal.  Number 1: going head to head with the competition in our area (Walgreens and Rite Aid) slashing prices on generic drugs to draw people into WalMart.  Once they are in Walmart, why not pick up bread and milk and school supplies at the same time.  One Stop shopping.

2. Price shifting generic drugs become loss leader, other prices go up because the few pennies more means less than driving to another store when gas is so high.

3.  Appealing to a huge market share with a) amoxycillin-  Those of us with children know that that antibiotic becomes a parent’s best friend when children are small and ear infections abound b)heart medications who doesn’t know someone in the 65 and over group who does not take a series of heart medicaitons.  People with children under five and over 65 will do their shopping in one place–WALMART.

And essentially, as Walmart’s market share grows-more and more of their competitors will be driven out of business- so that one day the need for comparison pricing will no longer exist.  And when that day comes, does anyone truly believe that Walnart will be the home of falling prices?  I don’t.  How can anyone who set through Economics 101?

Because this post started out as a comment on another blog and another post, one thing that I didn’t mention is what happens to the people who cannot take generic drugs or that cannot take the most common antibiotics known to man?  My daughter and I are both allerigic to the cillins as we call them, me to penicillin and her to amoxicillin.  In fact, she is so far off the chart, that she had to take Sulfadrugs for her ear infections and the pediatrician told me that if this doesn’t work, I will not treat your daughter any longer until we test her for allergies to all medications so I know what and how I can treat her.  Luckily, it worked and long before other parents realized that overmedicating for childhood fevers and illnesses is not a good thing, I along with our doctor was forced to take that path with my daughter.  I shudder to think what a sulfadrug costs today.  In 1989,  it was aroudn $118.  At that time, there were no generic sulfadrugs.  Doubt if there is any now since they are not in huge demand.

Wal Mart is not the answer to anyone’s prayers when it comes to the state of the cost of drugs-generic or otherwise.    

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 23rd, 2006 at 7:35 pm

Meet The Bloggers Meets Akron/Canton AMA

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Last evening I had the opportunity to be on of the four speakers at the Akron/Canton Chapter American Marketing Association September dinner meeting held at the Sheraton Suites.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, do so.  It sits right by the Cuyahoga at the falls.  The views from the hotel are magnificent.  There is just something about water that is so beautiful and soothing.  But, the opportunity that I can NEVER turn down is the opportunity to speak in front of an audience.  It is the one aspect of teaching that I really miss because I loved nothing better than to see people listening, interacting, and engaging in learning.  This group was a fantastic group of people willing to give a group of people that they barely knew the chance to talk about two of their passions, blogging and network weaving.

When Tim got up to begin the presentation, he asked how many of them had personal blogs-four and how many had busines blogs-five.  I thought to myself Oh no, fifty people in the room and less than one fifth have blogs.  Tough crowd!  Was I pleasantly surprised.  They asked questions, they listened with attention, some of them were on the edge of their chairs. I apologized for the use of my visual aid, but it is a carry over from my teaching years that I can’t shake.  (Actually, I don’t want to shake it  Visuals are always a help)  I had outdone myself color coded squares, gold stars, and confetti.  One or two were kind enough to tell me later that they loved the visual. George and Jason rounded out our presentation and those two again did their usual stellar work fielding questions from the audience like the pros they are.

If you are ever in the Akron area the third week of the month, check out the site above and stop in for a meeting.  These business people from the Akron and Canton area are a good group–welcoming of people and new ideas, truly an asset to Northeast Ohio and they give me hope for our economic future in our global economy.  

Thanks Akron Canton AMA.  We had a great time!

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 20th, 2006 at 3:35 pm

What Tim Said

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Tonight Tim, George Nemeth , Jason Haas and I are speaking at the Akron Canton Chapter of the American Marketing Association at their September meeting being held at the Sheraton Suites.  We will talk about blogging and field questions from Marketing representatives from large corporations as well as small marketing business owners who freelance. It should be a good time.  I always like speaking and discussing new, innovative ideas,  but anyway,  go here  and get the rest of the story on Tim’s blog. 

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 19th, 2006 at 3:01 pm

Some Times the Most Incredible Things Happen in the Most Unlikely Places

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Saturday night Tim and I attended an Ice Cream Social at Bill and Mary Denihan’s party house on Lake Avenue.  Actually, the home is for sale and is listed with Lake Realty realtor, Ali McAdams.   Although the couple always throws a good party, this one had  special significance for Ohio this year because the funds raised will benefit Ted Strickland’s Turn Around Ohio campaign.

As Tim and I strolled through the spacious back yard sheltered by towering sycamore trees, we found that we had missed the guest of honor and his partner. Both had spoken a bit earlier and rushed off to the first of three more events on the schedule for that evening.  In a conversation  with Karen Perkowski and her niece Cait, we discovered that Dave, her husband, and Hyacinth Lofts, one of Dave’s projects, were being featured in a N.Y. Times article written by Lisa Chamberlain.  Here is a link to the article in its entirity. 

As I prepared on Sunday morning to sit down and write a post on what Karen had told me  Tim tells me George already has it posted on Brewed Fresh daily. I clicked there, and found this.  George had read it on Chris Butler’s blog, and since that blog has become one of my favorites, I immediately clicked thru to find out what Chris had to say.

But today,  the buzz on this article continues to build.  Here are a few more posts I have found that give a bit more background on this couple and the incredible things that they are doing here in Northeast Ohio and why their work is so significant to turning around Cleveland.

Tim’s post.

Susan Miller’s take on the article.

Norm Roulet’s comments and incredible photos on RealNEO.

We are lucky to have a man of vision like Dave Perkowski in our midst who not only sees what can be done, but DOES it one building at a time.  Thank you, Dave for truly believing in Cleveland. 



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September 11th, 2006 at 10:11 am

Tonight’s the Night

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I know that song won’t be played tonight at our event in the Tower Press Building because my partner George Nemeth is in charge of music, and he tells me  often that the music of the ’70’s isn’t music.  I tell him that this is just one of those things that we will have to agree to disagree although I think he is having none of it and truly believes that there was no good music in the ’70’s.  There will be plenty of other good music though so you should venture down to the Tower Press Building today after work and check out the place.  An outstanding group of local poets will be reading original poetry at 6 p.m.  Local artists are featured in our silent auction, and there is lways lively conversation when this group gets together.  Add in a glass of wine and appetizers by Karen’s creative catering staff from Artefino Cafe and this can’t help but be one of those benefits that is a MUST GO!  Tim wrote all the details on his blog so go there for the rest of the story.      

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 7th, 2006 at 7:45 am

Too Big For Their Britches?

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So Sunday is the day that I open the mail and deal with it.  Today, I opened a letter from National City Bank and burst out laughing.  In October, 2005 I closed my account with National City, received a check for the balance in the account  and moved our checking account to another bank.  In November, I received a statement that showed I had a balance of $.06 in the account.  I called the online service told them that I closed the account, please take care of the small balance. In December, I received  another statement, I decided the phone call did not work, so I sent an email message to the bank reiterating that I had closed the account.  In January, I wrote a letter to the bank telling them the account was closed.  Since February, I have simply thrown the statements away until today when for some reason I decided to open it.  Was I surprised!  National City Bank says that I owe them $17.94 in account maintenance fees.  Apparently, since June NCB has charged us $6.00 on our $.06 balance in a closed checking account.

I can see why NCB wouldn’t want to send out a check to me for $.06, but why would they continue to tell me I had that amount in a checking account?  I have told them repeatedly that I closed the account.  Write off the $.06 for Pete’s sake!  But no, I continue to get computer generated statements for the last ten months, and for the last three months they are charging me $6.00 for account maintenance.  Remember, I have repeatedly told them they do not have to maintain the $.06.  I am well aware that no human mind with common sense has ever responded to my phone message, email, or letter that requested deleting the $.06 so that I could move on with my life.  Strange, that NCB never seemed that concerned about maintaining our relationship until I tried to cut the strings and move forward with my life.  Tuesday, I again will try to sever this  sick relationship and move on-something I have been trying to do since October, 2005.  This time, I will have to meet NCB face to face to get them to see that I will not pay them any money, and they should just delete the $.06 so we both can get on with our lives.  Six cents that came out of the sky to land in a closed checking account that only wanted to be left in peace.

And this is the bank that economic analysts think should merge with Keybank.  I wonder is that $18.00 sitting on a ledger somewhere as an accounts receivable due and payable to NCB forming a phantom asset?  How many others could there be?  Remember, this is the bank bilked by scam artists in a leasing arrangement who then insisted that the consumers owed the bank for the leases.  Strangely enough,  New York insisted that they settle with the consumers, but here in Ohio the lawsuit is still pending.  Shouldn’t our Attorney General demand the same outcome here for our consumers?  Or since National City Bank was formed here in this state in 1854, should they do the right thing and admit that they made a bad business decision and move on.  Appears to me, NCB has a hard time admitting that some relationships are better left alone.  Cut your losses, walk away, form new relationships.  But wait,  have they set their sights on KeyBank?  A word of caution to Key be a very reluctant suitor.     

Written by Gloria Ferris

September 3rd, 2006 at 11:43 am

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