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I’m Back

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Well, after a huge fiasco with my blog hosting service hostgator (???), I am now back to blogging. We are still trying to bring back the entries that appeared during my campaign for council, but that has not gone very smoothly. I have been itching to get back to blogging–so many things are happening here in Northeast Ohio that I have decided that I will begin anew, and if and when we get the previous entries posted again, that will be just fine.

I know that when I started blogging, George Nemeth said that I would need to do it consistently or it would not be effective. Well, you cannot imagine how hard it has been not to have this blogging site. In fact, those of you who read are probably well aware of my frustration because I have been commenting frequently and often on anything and everything. I actually was quite surprised at how I missed being able to post thoughts online.

So, I am eager to start blogging. I don’t have a master plan for this blog, and really don’t know where my thoughts and opinions will take me right now, but I can’t wait to find out.

Written by Gloria Ferris

November 30th, 2005 at 8:40 pm

Posted in Brooklyn Centre